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Incredible Chutzpah

June 22, 2022 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ After YEARS of Ukraine regularly voting against Israel in the UN, their President has the Chutzpah to attack Israel for not doing enough to “Help them.” Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Trump: Putin Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine If I Was President

February 28, 2022 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Former President Donald Trump asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he were still in office–a statement backed up by broad public opinion. “As everyone understands, this horrific disaster would never have happened if our election was not rigged, and if I was the president,” Trump […]

A Hero

February 28, 2022 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Volodymyr Zelensky, Jewish Comedian, President of Ukraine, hero. Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .