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McConnell, Graham Recount Highlights, Lowlights Of Kavanaugh Fight

October 17, 2018 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was first elected in 1984, but says his biggest achievement to date is something that didn’t happen. “My decision not to fill the Supreme Court vacancy during the 2016 election was the most consequential decision I’ve ever made,” McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday at The Heritage Foundation […]

The Senate Must Deny Obama’s Bid To Transform The Supreme Court

March 21, 2016 by


By Andrew C McCarthy ~ I think very highly of Merrick Garland, whom President Obama has nominated to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late, legendary Justice Antonin Scalia. Merrick was a voice of reason and sound judgment as a top official in the Clinton Justice Department during the Nineties when I was prosecuting […]

Vox Writer Wants ‘Anti-Democratic’ U.S. Senate Abolished

January 4, 2015 by


By P.J. Gladnick ~ WAAAAAAH!!! I don’t like my Windows 8 so I think I’ll dump it! Okay, no big deal. Most of us are not pleased with that operating system. However, Dylan Matthews of General Electric Vox displays the same glibness which, while perhaps appropriate to switching computer operating systems, is completely absurd when […]

Is The Climate About To Change In The U.S. Senate?

November 1, 2014 by


By Ron Arnold ~ How much does the average voter in this mid-term election know about the Senate? Mostly that they’re sick of congressional gridlock and all those nasty political ads on their TVs. Most voters have no idea how or why all that is happening or what role the Senate plays in the November […]

America Is A One Party State

June 27, 2014 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ The Republican Party is nothing more than the servile junior partner of an entrenched bipartisan political establishment in Washington DC that does everything in its power to extinguish representative government and thwart the will of the American people. In the Mississippi Republican primary run-off, Senator-For-Life, 76-year-old Thad Cochran was declared […]

It’s Time For Congress To Take Back The Power To Make Laws

April 28, 2014 by


By Rich Tucker ~ Every senator, it is said, looks in the mirror and sees a president. But many of those senators are acting as if they work for the civil service bureaucracy, instead of the other way around. The Washington Post recently reported on several senators who are trying to bolster their 2014 reelection […]

Harry Reid Is Killing The Senate

January 16, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ In his 2005 book, “The Most Exclusive Club: A History of the Modern United States Senate”, Lewis L. Gould began by noting that the Senate was intended “to provide a legislative check against the potential tyranny of unrestrained majority rule.” “The Framers of the Constitution envisioned a Senate that would function […]

An Obstinate Senate

October 2, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Congress was not designed to operate in this fashion. In practice, the Senate is supposed to conference with the House to arrive at a compromise solution. “The Senate voted 54-46 to reject a motion to go to conference with the House on the issue of funding the government, marking the third […]

The Senate Becomes A Politburo

September 28, 2013 by


By Peter Huessy ~ The US Senate was long considered the world’s greatest deliberative body. As a 20 year old legislative assistant I worked with Senator Nelson in 1970 and Senator Proxmire in 1971 to eliminate funding for the Supersonic Transport, (SST), a boon-doggle of an airplane which the Nixon administration along with Senator “Scoop” […]

Senate Launches Debate on “DISCLOSE Act” to Abridge Free Speech

July 26, 2010 by


Christine Hall Unconstitutional Bill Designed to Help Democrats Steal November Elections Washington, D.C., July 26, 2010 – In a move to constrain constitutionally-guaranteed political speech, the Senate this week is debating and voting on the so-called “DISCLOSE Act.” The DISCLOSE Act, already passed by the House, would require small non-profit organizations engaged in political activity […]

Newt on the Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearings

July 4, 2010 by


Newt wonders why some important questions weren’t asked of Elena Kagan at her confirmation hearings. Newt on the Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearings

Congress And The United Nations Are Coming For Your Guns

February 4, 2010 by


The Gun Grabbers are kicking their latest assualt against the Second Amendment up a notch. Back in May of last year, we reported on how the Inter-American Convention Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives And Other Related Materials was signed by President Bill Clinton but never ratified by the Senate. […]

Breaking News! White House Appoints An “Or Else” Czar

November 23, 2009 by


President Obama has appointed more Czars Than the Romanov Empire ever had. Bigot Czar, Mad Scientist Czar, Animal Rights Czar, Communist Czar, along with a host of others. One appointment that flew under the radar was the picking of an “Or Else” Czar, as in you will do what you are told, or otherwise be […]

The White House Declares War On Both Fox News AND Congress

October 25, 2009 by


In it’s latest childlike maneuver, the White House attempted to exclude Fox News from a press pool interview of White House “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg. The Treasury Department attempted to make Feinberg available to all of that day’s participants in the pool except Fox News. That scheme failed when the Washington bureau chiefs of the […]

House Votes to Cut All ACORN Funds – Or Did It?

September 17, 2009 by


The House of Representatives just voted to pass H.R. 3221, the “Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009,” i.e. “The Student Loans Bill.”A bipartisan vote of 345 to a strictly-Democrat 75 nays pushed this bill forward after a rider was included to keep ACORN from receiving funds. VICTORY! But, wait, since when do we […]

History Proves It: Democrats Are Going Down In 2010

September 17, 2009 by


The last two administrations that raised a furor over health care cost their party big time in the mid term elections. So with history on our side, let’s make sure it happens again in 2010.   In 1965, President Johnson pushed Medicare through Congress. In the 1966 elections, Democrats lost 47 seats in the House […]

The Phrase “In God We Trust” Is Unconstitutional

July 22, 2009 by


At least that’s the claim of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group from Wisconsin that claims to represent the views of America’s atheist and agnostic population. The furor started when a Congressman from California,Dan Lungren, introduced a bill to the House to have the words “In God We Trust”, as well as the text […]

Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy The Destruction Of America

July 15, 2009 by


The other morning, I was surfing through the cable news channels, and I happened to stop at a show where Glenn Beck was making a guest appearance. He was talking about how most people, in regards to America’s current troubles, have developed a sense of apathy. He also mentioned that a phrase he hears uttered […]

Arlen Specter Plans To Ask Sotomayor The Tough Questions

July 14, 2009 by


Today the United States Senate begins questioning Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor regarding her record and qualifications for a seat on our nation’s highest legal bench. And with one member of the Senate Judiciary Committee having stated that her approval is all but assured, it appears to be a foregone conclusion that we will soon […]

Sonia Sotomayor Is A Member Of La Raza! And Obama Wants Her On The Supreme Court?

June 3, 2009 by


I mentioned in a previous post that there is a procedural method for the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as a Justice of the Supreme Court. If you happened to miss the posting, please give it a look, as it contains the information as to the method that […]

There IS A Procedural Way To Stop Sotomayor From Reaching The Supreme Court

June 1, 2009 by


Most of the you who are reading this can probably stop reading right now. Because unless you are ready to get the hell off of your dead butt and actually DO something, reading this is just going to be a waste of your time. For the rest of you, there IS a way to stop […]

Obama: “Pass The Stimulus Bill Or Die!”

February 7, 2009 by


WASHINGTON (SR) – President Barack Obama decried as “inexcusable and irresponsible” the delay of his economic stimulus legislation, more commonly referred to simply as “Porkulus.” Obama’s remarks were some of his most dramatic and pointed in support of the massive economic package. “If we drag our feet and fail to act, this crisis will turn into a […]

Good News: Congressional Approval Back Down to 9%

December 21, 2008 by


By Bill Dupray Have a Nice Two Years . . . Punks This is great for Republicans as long as they keep opposing these bailouts and harp on Barry and the Socialists’ reckless spending plans for the country. All voters see now is a Democrat Congress throwing taxpayer money down the toilet, with no end […]

Barack Obama Experience

September 30, 2008 by


From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United States Senator to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That’s how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. We all have to start somewhere, and the Senate […]