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Senate’s ‘Energy Innovation’ Bill Wasteful, Redundant

March 1, 2020 by


By Nicolas Loris and Katie Tubb ~ When you think of the word “innovation,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s something new and inventive—or something cutting edge, original, and creative. Or, if you’re in Washington, “innovation” is trotting out the same, stale approaches to policy that have done less to empower innovators and families and […]

Here’s The Dam Deal: Power America’s Dams

April 9, 2019 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ CFACT’s recent article “What’s the Dam Deal?” by Grace Cancelmo raises important questions about expanding the use of dams for hydropower and other useful purposes. The US Energy Department (DOE) has done some interesting research on this topic, because dams are already our biggest renewable energy source, by far. Increased […]

What Next For U.S. Climate And Energy Policies?

November 14, 2018 by


By Paul Driessen ~ The “Blue Wave” never really reached shore, the U.S. Senate is still in Republican hands, the House of Representatives flipped to Democratic control, Trump era deregulation and fossil fuel production efforts continue, several governorships and state houses went from red to blue – and almost all state renewable energy and carbon […]

Russian Efforts To Disrupt U.S. Energy Markets Exposed

May 14, 2018 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ The Kremlin has masterminded an elaborate scheme to undermine American fossil-fuel production and distribution, concludes a report by the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Released March 1, the report, “Russian Attempts to Influence U.S. Domestic Energy Markets by Exploiting Social Media,” reveals how Russia has teamed up […]

A First Look At Energy Issues In Trump’s Budget

May 24, 2017 by


By Katie Tubb and Nicolas Loris ~ President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget proposal calls for a number of energy policy reforms, some good and some bad. Some of the highlights include opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling, selling off some government-controlled oil reserves, reinvigorating Yucca Mountain’s nuclear waste management activities, divesting […]

What Rick Perry Could Do To Prevent Future Solyndras

December 22, 2016 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Departing Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz has announced a conditional loan guarantee for a fossil fuel project—a blatant, taxpayer-backed subsidy of up to $2 billion for Lake Charles Methanol, LLC. Such federal government meddling in the energy sector is the exact wrong approach to America’s energy policy. By contrast, incoming Energy […]

Drain The Swamp? This Energy Bill Is More Big Government Paternalism

December 6, 2016 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Time is running out for negotiations between the Senate and House of Representatives on a conferenced energy bill. For opponents of big government paternalism, that’s a good thing. The Senate-passed energy bill is fraught with provisions that would increase government’s micromanagement of the energy sector. It is a continuation and extension […]

Press Is Largely Ignoring Recent Awesome Fossil Fuel Related News

November 25, 2016 by


By Tom Blumer ~ Since Donald Trump’s election, environmental zealots have mostly had a very rough two weeks — and Donald Trump has had nothing to do with any of it. Two developments they consider really bad (meaning good for the rest of us) far outweigh the single item they’re celebrating. First, in Wyoming, just two […]

How Trump Can Reverse Obama Climate Change Regulations

November 22, 2016 by


By Josh Siegel ~ President-elect Donald Trump will come into power next year with the authority to redefine his predecessor’s ambitious and divisive legacy on climate and energy policy. Just as President Barack Obama has used regulations and executive actions to try and make the U.S. a world leader in cutting planet-warming emissions across much […]

When Idiots Join Hands

June 26, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba. After the June 23 Cabinet meeting, President Obama said: “We talked about energy. In the context of the oil spill, as I said last week during my Oval Office address, this has to be a wakeup call to the country that we are prepared and ready to move forward on a new […]

Cynthia Tucker: Americans Are The Enemy Due To Oil ‘Addiction’

June 21, 2010 by


By Noel Sheppard. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Cynthia Tucker believes Americans are the enemy of the nation moving in a new energy direction because of what she called our addiction to oil. As the discussion on this weekend’s “The Chris Matthews Show” moved to why President Obama hasn’t attacked energy policy much like Eisenhower did the […]

Energy Policy? What Energy Policy?

May 23, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba When the government controls the provision of energy, it controls the lives of all citizens and the growth or failure of the nation’s economy. Everything else, including national defense, runs second when it comes to this single factor. Recently the fourth annual survey of more than a hundred executives in the U.S. […]

Economy Over Environment? Why Not Have Both?

March 19, 2010 by


By Nick Loris It’s a common misconception that a tradeoff exists between economic growth and environmental cleanliness. For decades Gallup has been conducting a poll asking about this very tradeoff. According to its latest one, “53 percent said economic growth should be the nation’s top priority, even if the environment has to suffer. Just 38 […]

Copenhagen: A Matter Of Sovereignty

December 16, 2009 by


By Steven Groves The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site. Climate change negotiations here in Copenhagen have apparently hit a speed bump because the United States and China […]