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Hypocrites Preaching Green

January 29, 2020 by


By Ronald Stein ~ If you don’t know who Tom Steyer is, you should. He’s the guy riding in the internal combustion powered limousine that drops Al Gore off at his speaking engagements. Mr. Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager, who has become the most influential environmentalist in American politics, made his billions from the […]

Daily Beast: Tom Steyer Is Running A Donor Scam

December 9, 2019 by


By P.J. Gladnick ~ That’s the way to sum up the Daily Beast description of wealthy Democrat candidate for president, Tom Steyer. The purpose of their Saturday article by David De La Fuente was to shame the Democrats into including “candidates of color’ at their next presidential debate but a big take away from the story was […]

Take Sanders’s 2020 Campaign Seriously and Literally

February 28, 2019 by


Sanders is crushing his opponents’ fundraising efforts, and his campaign has already signed up more than a million collectivist volunteers. ~ Mark Alexander  ~     “We must make our election between economy and Liberty, or profusion and servitude.” –Thomas Jefferson (1816) We are 11 months from the Iowa caucuses, but 10 Democrats have already declared their […]

Red Old Deal Recycled as Green New Deal

February 14, 2019 by


The Left’s ruinous “Rainbows and Unicorns Resolution of 2019.” ~ Mark Alexander   ~    “It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.” —Patrick Henry, 1775 Marketing […]

Billionaire Steyer Compares His Impeachment Crusade To Civil Rights Movement

May 30, 2018 by


By Julia A Seymour ~ Tom Steyer, the billionaire liberal donor spending millions to try to impeach President Donald Trump, blasted his Democratic critics in a Politico podcast on May 29. Steyer said many things in the Off Message political podcast hosted by Isaac Dovere — including comparing Democratic pushback against his impeachment efforts to opposition to […]

Liberal Donor Tom Steyer Exploits Mother’s Day With New Anti-GOP Ad

May 12, 2018 by


By Julia A Seymour ~ Most people celebrate Mother’s Day by doing something special for their mom. But billionaire liberal donor Tom Steyer marked the holiday with political ad full of bigoted caricatures of Trump supporters and Republicans. Steyer’s NextGen America PAC released the ad “Mothers Day” on May 9, 2018. In it, an actress portrays […]

Largest Democrat Donor Steyer Demands Trump Impeachment

October 13, 2017 by


By Aly Nielsen ~ Liberal climate activist Tom Steyer — the largest Democrat donor — wants impeaching President Donald Trump to be a “defining issue” during the 2018 election. This week, Steyer sent a letter demanding Congressional Democrats pledge support to impeaching Trump, The New York Times reported Oct. 11, 2017. The letter “represents a significant […]

Campaign 2016: Nobody Cares About Climate Change

February 16, 2016 by


Will Sen. Sanders “feel the Bern” of Tom Steyer’s bankroll? By Marita Noon ~ Frustrated that nobody seems to care about climate change, “the country’s biggest individual political donor during the 2014 election cycle,” has pledged even more in 2016. Tom Steyer spent nearly $75 million in the 2014 midterms, reports Politico. He intends to […]

Out-Of-State Billionaire Wages War On Affordable Energy In Nebraska

April 20, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ I had the privilege of serving as mayor in the small, Shenandoah Valley town where my wife and I raised our children. So, I am keenly aware of concerns about powerful out-of-state or out-of-area interests trying to take advantage of a rural population. The Nebraskan battles over the Keystone XL […]

LAT Laments How Mega-Donor Tom Steyer Was Not Decisive In 2014 Midterms

January 1, 2015 by


By Tom Blumer ~ Chris Megerian at the Los Angeles Times, in a report first published online on Tuesday, had a difficult time trying to downplay the fact that Democrat and leftist mega-donors outspent their Republican and conservative counterparts by an overwhelming margin during the past election cycle. But Megerian made the best of it, giving readers the […]

Conservative Wave Swamps Climate Change: Steyer Wasted $22 Million

November 6, 2014 by


By Mike Ciandella ~ Liberal California billionaire Tom Steyer just learned a big lesson about changing climate. The former hedge fund manager tried to make global warming the big issue in 2014. Instead, voters told him there was a chill in the air for his agenda. As a result, he lost in nearly three out of […]