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There’s Nothing Equitable In Union Pension Bailouts Unmentioned In Biden’s ‘Equity’ Report

June 2, 2022 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ It goes without saying that bailing out bad actors is not equitable. So, it’s no wonder the Biden administration left any mention of a nearly $100 billion selective bailout of private union pension plans out of its “Advancing Equity Through the American Rescue Plan” report. To date, 37 multiemployer pension plans […]

Proposed Electric Vehicle Tax Credits Benefit Unions, Wealthy Individuals – Not Environment

October 22, 2021 by


By Katie Tubb and Rachel Greszler ~ True to the image of a stereotypical car salesmen, President Joe Biden and congressional leadership are pitching a multitrillion-dollar spending package that they say won’t cost middle-class Americans a dime. That’s like telling someone who came to the dealership to buy a Honda that they can have a […]

Politicians Seek To Drive Out Income Opportunities In California

September 1, 2020 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ With the COVID-19 recession causing high unemployment around the country, now is the time for policymakers to lift barriers to earning an income. With limited operations and selective lockdowns making business activity difficult for both employers and employees—especially workers who have children at home or other obligations—promoting worker flexibility is essential. […]

Confronting Police Abuse Requires Shifting Power From Police Unions

June 9, 2020 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ By and large, police officers are heroes who put their lives on the line to protect the communities in which they live and serve. How then should we react to cases of police misconduct and brutality when they come to light? Confronting this requires what Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey referred to […]

Why Volkswagen Workers Should Be Wary Of Unionizing

June 13, 2019 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ More than 1,700 Volkswagen Chattanooga workers will head to the polls Wednesday through Friday this week to vote on a consequential measure: whether or not to unionize. A recent New York Times article should come as a warning sign to Volkswagen workers. The article depicts Rick Marsh, a longtime GM worker […]

Amazon’s New York Reversal Shows Exactly Why Crony Capitalism Fails

February 15, 2019 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ Just months after announcing it would locate one of its headquarters in New York City, Amazon has announced that it’s pulling the plug on the Big Apple. Based on Amazon’s public statement, it seems the company couldn’t rely on the deals it had cut or the political support it had received […]

Record Numbers Of Women In Congress Disprove The Need For Feminist Policies

November 16, 2018 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ In January, a record number of women will serve in the U.S. House and Senate. Depending on the outcome of races that are still too close to call, the 116th Congress will have anywhere from 109 to 117 women. That is three-and-a-half times as many women as were in the 102nd Congress of […]