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Trump Halfway To First 100 Days

March 11, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ President Donald Trump this week threw his support behind a House Republican plan aimed at repealing and replacing Obamacare. While it’s not yet to the liking of everyone in his party, a health care proposal was a key pledge candidate Trump said would be part of his first 100 days in […]

Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ And ‘Failing’ Media Outlets

February 17, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ President Donald Trump went toe-to-toe with the media at a White House press conference Thursday, using terms such as “fake news” and “failing” to describe many of the recent stories about his administration. “I turn on the TV, open the newspapers, and I see stories of chaos, chaos,” Trump said. “Yet […]

Rogue Federal Bureaucrats Threaten Trump’s Agenda

February 6, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Recent scandals in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Internal Revenue Service demonstrated that it’s almost impossible to fire federal employees, many of whom reportedly intend to go rogue by not implementing President Donald Trump’s agenda. Conservatives are hopeful the time has come for civil service reform that would rein […]

Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court

February 1, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ President Donald Trump on Tuesday night nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, using the first prime-time address of his presidency to fulfill a campaign pledge to name a conservative to the high court. “I have selected an individual whose qualities define, closely defined, what we’re looking for,”  Trump said […]

8 Takeaways From The First Day Of Jeff Sessions’ Confirmation Hearings

January 11, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ The confirmation hearing Tuesday on Sen. Jeff Sessions to become attorney general was rowdy at times, but not so much because of fellow senators who questioned the Alabama Republican. Protesters interrupted the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing multiple times, some dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits, other wearing the familiar Code Pink […]

Trump Presses UN To Reform. Here’s What Can Be Done To Curtail Its Power.

January 5, 2017 by


By Fred Lucas ~ President-elect Donald Trump spoke by phone Wednesday with new United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres—as Trump and some members of Congress are raising longstanding concerns about the organization. “The president-elect has been clear about the U.N.,” presidential transition team spokesman Sean Spicer told The Daily Signal Wednesday during a conference call with […]

4 Ways Congress Sought To Change Or Scrap The Electoral College

December 19, 2016 by


By Fred Lucas ~ On Monday, 538 presidential electors selected by voters on Nov. 8 will choose a president when the Electoral College votes in states across the country. This year marks the fifth time in history the popular vote winner lost the presidency. The other elections were in 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000. Though […]