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Bernie Sanders’ ‘Jobs’ Program Would Undo Our Real Economic Progress

April 26, 2018 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders’ big-idea solution to everything is big government. The independent senator from Vermont wants government-run, single-payer health care. Seeing efficiencies that nobody else can see, he wants to turn post offices into banks. Now, he wants to leverage the notoriously inept federal job-training system (see here, here, here, […]

Go Green With Gasoline If You’re Going To Consume That Sandwich

January 31, 2018 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ A new study shows that if you aren’t ready to go vegan to save the world, then you should quit riding your bike and take a car. An article in the Journal of Insufferable Busybodies (official title: Sustainable Production and Consumption) calculates the carbon footprint for a variety of sandwiches. […]

Linking Hurricane Matthew To Climate Change Is Overblown Hype

October 7, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Hurricane Matthew is big, dangerous, and (if it makes landfall) something not seen in the continental United States for a decade. This, of course, means it will be linked to global warming. There will be a lot of “scientists say we can expect,” but little actual data. That’s because the […]

How A New California Climate Law Will Strangle Manufacturing

September 2, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ California just hung up a big “Manufacturing Workers Need Not Apply” sign. It took the form of extended, stricter, and even less realistic carbon dioxide regulations. A new California bill extends legislation previously set to expire in 2020 and imposes dramatically deeper emissions cuts for 2030. Under the new measure, […]

Consumers Pay Because Regulators Allow Natural Gas Use At This Solar Plant

August 13, 2016 by


By Reece Brown and David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Consumers are getting burned by a taxpayer-subsidized solar power plant in California’s Mojave Desert. An immensely wealthy consortium owns the plant. Government regulators approved a contract forcing consumers to pay four to five times the going rate for electricity produced by the plant. And the energy, because […]

Study Shows Those Who Claimed ‘Climate Debate Over’ Were Wrong

May 28, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Last summer, the editor of Science wrote a commentary on climate change where she said “The time for debate has ended.” After appealing to policies based on economic knowledge she doesn’t have, she finished with speculation as to which ring of Dante’s Inferno would God designate for climate skeptics. All […]

An Inconvenient Truth: Liberal Climate Inquisition Can’t Explain Past Temperature Changes

May 3, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ In the week prior to the administration signing what should constitute an international climate treaty, one think tank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, was subpoenaed for casting doubt on the agreement’s associated science of climate catastrophe. As disturbing as such thuggery from state attorneys general would be in any case, the […]

Taxpayers Are Footing Bill For Solar Project That Doesn’t Work

March 30, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ As every 10-year-old who ever got a sweater for a birthday present has been told, “it’s the thought that counts.” That seems to be the guiding principle at the Department of Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission when it comes to solar power. The latest example is the $2.2 […]

Why Calling 2015 The Warmest Year On Record Is Problematic

January 23, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ As a third of Americans prepare to hunker down for a blizzard, the analysts at NASA has announced that 2015 was the hottest year on record (and this time they really mean it!). They mean it so much that they want you to ignore their own satellite data, which shows that […]

2 Reasons U.S. Having 2nd Hottest Year In 2015 Doesn’t Prove Climate Catastrophe Is Imminent

January 8, 2016 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released data showing that 2015 was the second hottest year on record (since 1895) for the U.S. On cue, the media and politicians used this data to hype impending climate catastrophe pointing to extreme weather events that NOAA data show are not linked […]

John Kerry Proves He Doesn’t Understand Climate Science

December 24, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ In an interview at the close of the recent Paris climate conference, Secretary of State John Kerry scolded Republican senators for saying out loud that the next president may not be a big supporter of President Barack Obama’s climate policies. Kerry asserted voters won’t allow a change, “I don’t think […]

Why It’s The Government’s Fault Your Dishwasher Cycle Is 2 Or 3 Hours Long

July 13, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ The guiding fiscal principle of President Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Package was simple: “Spend it as fast as you can.” Programs operating under that principle are almost predestined to flunk a cost-benefit test—and the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has proved to be no exception. University of Chicago researchers have documented […]

A Few More Hot Days Does Not Equal A Lot More Heat Waves

May 22, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Whatever the combination of human and natural causes, the world has warmed by about 0.85 degrees Celsius (1.5 degrees Fahrenheit) over the last century or so. During this time, there have been no increases in tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or droughts associated with this mild increase in world temperature. But much has been […]

Out-Of-State Billionaire Wages War On Affordable Energy In Nebraska

April 20, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ I had the privilege of serving as mayor in the small, Shenandoah Valley town where my wife and I raised our children. So, I am keenly aware of concerns about powerful out-of-state or out-of-area interests trying to take advantage of a rural population. The Nebraskan battles over the Keystone XL […]

The Backlash Against Obama’s Committing US To International Climate Agreement

April 3, 2015 by


By Katie Tubb and David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Perhaps President Obama is frustrated he couldn’t pass climate legislation when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, and perhaps this frustration was compounded by the historic losses his party suffered in the off-year elections. But whatever the cause, the president is working unilaterally […]

Obama’s Plan Will Kill Jobs, Hike Heating Costs

March 8, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ Any Wisconsinites starting to wonder whether they are living through “The Long Winter,” as described by Laura Ingalls Wilder, will find no comfort in President Obama’s plans to cut the use of our most affordable and reliable sources of energy. Though we may not be relegated to heating our homes […]

In Australia, The Green Energy Fantasy Has Collapsed

March 6, 2015 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ If you are sailing miles from shore and come upon the rusted prows of sunken ships, you can be sure that water is not that deep and it would be a good idea to change course. Australia is just the latest ship’s prow to warn us away from the treacherous path of green […]