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Just Do It For China! Nike Declares Its Brand ‘Of And For China’

June 29, 2021 by


By Jay Maxson ~ Sucking up to China to protect its lucrative cash flow, Nike’s CEO says the American company’s brand is just doing it for China. The Swoosh is now figuratively intertwined with yellow stars on the red Chi-com flag. Nike chief executive John Donahoe not only defended his woke Oregon-based company’s ties to China, but […]

At AP, Josh Lederman Glosses Over Ugly Afghan War Truths, Gets Gooey Over First Couple

December 31, 2014 by


By Tom Blumer ~ At the Associated Press on Christmas Day, reporter Josh Lederman carried out what might as well be his official administration stenographer duties with special aplomb. Three paragraphs will illustrate how Lederman glossed over realities relating to the 13-year war in Afghanistan and went all gooey over Barack and Michelle Obama’s vacation: ON […]

NBC’s Brian Williams Bows To President Obama!

June 3, 2009 by


by Noel Sheppard How much is “Nightly News” host Brian Williams in the tank for President Obama? Well, as part I of NBC’s special report “Inside the Obama White House” came to a close Tuesday, Williams, while saying good night to the president, actually bowed his head. I kid you not (embedded video and partial […]

The Obama-philes: Poser Baracks Leftmedia Sycophants

July 27, 2008 by


Obama's campaign stops in Iraq & elsewhere in the region would qualify as nothing more than silage for satirists were it not for the big 3 MSM Leftmedia talkinghead sycophants worshiping his every utterance. Typical coverage was NBC's description of the campaign trip as "Tour of Duty." The print media weren't far behind.