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The 2 Lessons We Should Learn From Apple’s Success

August 10, 2018 by


By Star Parker ~ Apple has become the first U.S. company in history to attain a trillion-dollar valuation. Here are a few thoughts about the relevance of this to our country today. The story of Apple is the story of Steve Jobs. He co-founded the company in 1976 at the age 21, was fired from […]

Entrepreneurs Like Steve Jobs Build Prosperity — Not Politicians

July 26, 2012 by


By Star Parker ~ I think it’s a sport for President Barack Obama to make outrageous statements like “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” which he said in a recent campaign trip to Roanoke, Va.– and then watch Republicans go predictably bananas. Certainly the multimillionaire business […]

Jobs, Thatcher and the Force of Life

December 26, 2011 by


By Peggy Noonan   The Apple founder’s final words sound an awful lot like an expression of awe The great words of the year? “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” They are the last words of Steve Jobs, reported by his sister, the novelist Mona Simpson, who was at his bedside. In her eulogy, a […]

The Miracle of iCapitalism

October 8, 2011 by


By Michelle Malkin Here is your high-resolution teachable moment of the week: anti-capitalist, anti-corporate extremists of “Occupy Wall Street” mourning Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs without a trace of irony. While the Kamp Alinsky Kids ditch school to moan about their massive student debt, parade around in zombie costumes and whine about evil corporations over […]

Steve Jobs and American Exceptionalism

October 7, 2011 by


By Edwin Feulner, Ph.D. President of The Heritage Foundation. Steve Jobs, who died yesterday at the too-young age of 56, was a living refutation of all that liberals constantly tell us about our country — that we’re falling behind others and live now in a “post-American world,” as one of Barack Obama’s favorite books puts […]

Celebrating Steve Jobs’ Failures?

August 27, 2011 by


By Mike Brownfield Listen to your music on an iPod? Read news on an iPad? Cherish your beautifully minimalist iMac? Then you’ve benefited from the genius of Apple Inc.’s Steve Jobs. With the news this week of his decision to step down as CEO of the company, many have lauded his incredible successes in changing […]