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How The Space Force Can Restore Our Edge Against China, Russia

February 22, 2019 by


By John Venable ~ The U.S. just moved one step closer to creating a Space Force. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump directed the Department of Defense to draft legislation to establish the Space Force as a new branch of the military under the secretary of the Air Force. This move is an important step toward […]

Genius Was Behind Apollo’s Lunar Legacy

January 19, 2018 by


By Larry Bell ~ Five and one-half decades have now passed since a young President John F. Kennedy rallied a nation behind a bold challenge to send an American to the Moon and safely back before the end of that decade. We did this, and even better — putting four of our citizens on the […]

Our $2.5 Billion Mission to a Large Rock

August 10, 2012 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Perhaps because Mars can be seen with the naked eye and is “close” to Earth there has long been a fascination with the fourth planet from the Sun. Earth is the third and the largest of the solar system’s four terrestrial planets. Mars has no life and Earth is teeming with […]

NBC Spaces Out: Confuses Present-Day Rocket with 1960s-Era Booster

November 28, 2011 by


By Matthew Balan NBC’s Tom Costello made a gaffe of planetary proportions on Saturday’s Nightly News as he reported on the launch of NASA’s latest Martian rover. The correspondent identified the rocket, which blasted the unmanned Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) probe into space for its eight month-plus journey to the fourth planet, as a “Saturn […]

A Trip to the Moon

July 13, 2011 by


By Alan Caruba Sometime in the 1980s I found myself on assignment at Cape Kennedy visiting the launch site for all the trips to the moon and the various shuttle voyages to the International Space Station. The shuttle was the size of a small building and the notion that it could be lifted beyond the […]

Liftoff (Part 2)

August 19, 2008 by


North American X15 in flight. NASA image in the public domain. Click on image to open in a larger window. This image is of the North American X15. This craft is credited with being the first winged and powered aircraft to fly in space. It achieved the 100 Mile sub orbital limit twice, piloted by […]