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Obama: We’re Not A Christian Nation – Video

April 8, 2009 by


In a speech in Ankara, Turkey, President Obama furthers his goal of replacing fealty to God with fealty to the state by declaring: “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation…We consider ourselves a nation of citizens.” Read more excellent articles at Right Bias

Conquered From Within

March 24, 2009 by


By Nancy Morgan As the media obsesses about Obama on the Leno show – and Michelle’s new White House garden, the real story last week went virtually unnoticed. Namely, the Fed announcement that it will be pumping another trillion bucks in to the economy. That’s one trillion dollars it will manufacture out of thin air. […]

Making Way For The Next Crisis

March 17, 2009 by


Nancy Morgan Obama changed tactics last week. In a 180 degree turn, he started voicing optimism on the economy, going so far as to advise Americans that its time to start buying stock again. From warning of  ‘the Great Depression’ he shifted to ‘the economy is fundamentally sound’, all in a week’s time. Curiously, during […]

Politicians Fiddle While America Burns

March 11, 2009 by


Nancy Morgan As the economy continues its downward spiral and hundreds of thousands join the ranks of the unemployed, Americans may rest easy knowing that our elected officials are hard at work on our behalf. President Obama took time out from pushing his massive spending and tax increase package to announce his new focus on […]

A Contrived Crisis? – You Decide

March 8, 2009 by


Nancy Morgan TonyfromOz prefaces ….. This has been bubbling along for a while now, slowly gathering steam. Note specifically the timelines. I can guess that those Democrat camp followers would undoubtedly call this a ‘kooky’ conspiracy theory, but just look at what happened, when it happened, who benefited from it, why no one has said […]

Ten Ways Conservatives Can Fight Back

March 2, 2009 by


Grasp zipper and pul By Nancy Morgan Are you fed up with political correctness? Tired of the way our language is being redefined? Angry at stupid proposals, never ending crisis’ and corrupt politicians? Offended by the patronizing elites? If so, its time to start fighting back. Don’t underestimate the power of example. By employing these ten […]

Theft By Government

February 23, 2009 by


Nancy Morgan Question: How does con man Bernie Madoff differ from the state of California? Answer: Bernie’s victims surrendered their life savings voluntarily – in California, the victim’s money was taken under threat of force by the state tax collectors. As pundits, politicians and the media focus America’s wrath on Bernie Madoff for conning willing […]

Obama’s America: Our New Government At Work

February 2, 2009 by


Nancy Morgan Face to face with the worst economic crisis confronting our nation in decades, our dedicated public servants are hard at work on our behalf. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is busy launching an online petition for readers to express their outrage at conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. This, coming on the heels […]

Politically Correct Politics

January 25, 2009 by


TEN WAYS CONSERVATIVES CAN FIGHT BACK Nancy Morgan Are you fed up with political correctness? Tired of the way our language is being redefined? Angry at stupid proposals, never ending crisis’ and corrupt politicians? Offended by the patronizing elites? If so, its time to start fighting back. Don’t underestimate the power of example. By employing […]

Do We Really Care?

January 12, 2009 by


OBAMA AND ‘PAY TO PLAY’ Nancy Morgan Lets see if I have this right. By virtue of the fact that Obama has been elected President, a man who has achieved nothing of note in his 42 year-old life except getting elected President, he is now the world’s expert on everything. Now that Obama is the […]

Media Reporting (What Suits Their Purposes)

January 2, 2009 by


OUR DANGEROUS MEDIA Nancy Morgan What would happen if America won a war and no one reported it? Is it still news? What if a credible argument were made pretty much demolishing Darwin’s theory of evolution? If no media outlet conveyed this information to the American public, does that mean its not a valid argument? […]

Culture Watch, Vol. 47

December 30, 2008 by


Santa and his helpers stand under palm trees at Baghdad’s first public Christmas festiv By Nancy Morgan As we come to the end of a turbulent year, a new poll pretty much sums up the state of our country: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are now the most admired man and woman in America, according […]

Everywhere You Look – Nothing But Lies

December 24, 2008 by


LIES AND LIARS Nancy Morgan As I settle in to write my weekly column, I glance at the television. On Fox News, Neal Cavuto has a guest ‘expert’ telling we, the people, that the massive snow storms uncharacteristically blanketing the nation are, indeed, a product of man-made global warming. Having an aversion to being lied […]

We All Got Rights, Y’Know

December 5, 2008 by


I’VE GOT RIGHTS Nancy Morgan “I’ve got rights” is now one of the most commonly heard phrases in America. Don’t like your co-workers perfume? Under a new lawsuit, you may soon have the right not to smell it. Want to quit bathing? Soon, your employer may have to accept your grooming habits as long as […]

The Return Of The Girly Men

November 10, 2008 by


Nancy Morgan Men across the nation are weeping tears of joy this week. Publicly and unabashedly. The election of Obama has validated and encouraged their right to publicly expose their sensitive inner selves to the world. Feelings rule. Metrosexuals everywhere are experiencing a collective ‘shiver up their legs’, as they rush to inform one and […]

Media Declares Obama The Winner

October 21, 2008 by


MEDIA DECLARES OBAMA THE WINNER Nancy Morgan When I logged onto Drudge this morning, I had a Rip Van Winkle moment. According to the headlines, Obama has somehow become president. Nope, its still October 20. The election hasn’t been held yet. But you wouldn’t know that by scanning the headlines of one of the major […]

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

October 12, 2008 by


LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE… Nancy Morgan It used to be a very serious matter to accuse someone of lying. Not so long ago, when honor had more currency than it does at present, specific examples of deliberate falsehoods were required to validate such charges. This is no longer the case. The charge that ‘Bush […]

Obama Has Lost His Mojo

September 14, 2008 by


OBAMA HAS LOST HIS MOJO Nancy Morgan A new ad from the Obama campaign ridicules John McCain for not using the Internet, perhaps not realizing that McCain’s war injuries leave him unable to use a keyboard. This ad comes on the heels of Obama’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ controversy, which is still fueling late night […]

The Liberal Big Three Meltdown!

September 7, 2008 by


Has Sarah Palin painted the Democrats into a corner? They won’t say that they initiated it, but they’re very quiet when the liberal mainstream media smear campaign started. It's backfiring, people realise whats happening, & whats actually being reported. Since Liberal elites can't adjust their views, this will be their deathknell.