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Radiation Dose Chart

March 21, 2011 by


This chart was compiled by the people across at the xkcd blog, and they also have some commentary on it as well at this link to the full Post at their site. A lot of work went into its construction, and we hope they don’t mind if we show it here at our blog. The […]

Fukushima – No, Still Not Enough Radiation Even To Make You Sick

March 19, 2011 by


By Andrew Bolt David Derbyshire, the writer of this Daily Mail piece, is a despicable scaremongerer, misrepresenting the tears of the boss of the Fukushima plant and verballing the Japanese Government with a fake admission: The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears – as his country […]

Nuclear Electrical Power Generation – Why The Fuss? (Part 4)

July 30, 2009 by


When the Nuclear process for the generation of electrical power is talked about, it suffers from misconceptions, and they all stem from that one word ….. Nuclear. In the main people will tend to believe the worst things rather than actually find out about it for themselves, and because the loudest voices are from those […]