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Nation’s Report Card Shows Why We Should Get Washington Out Of Education

November 2, 2019 by


By Lindsey Burke ~ Across the country, math and reading scores have continued a yearslong stagnation, with students largely showing no progress in academic achievement. That’s one major takeaway from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress, released earlier this week by the National Assessment Governing Board. Often referred to as the Nation’s Report Card, […]

Librarian’s Scolding Of Melania Trump Shows Need For School Choice

September 30, 2017 by


By Anne Ryland ~ What’s the first word you think of when you think of librarians? Is it some variation on strict, forbidding, or persnickety? One librarian is certainly living up to the stereotype. Liz Phipps Soeiro, librarian at Cambridgeport School in Massachusetts, thoroughly scolded first lady Melania Trump for giving the school 10 books […]

DeVos: Great Pick For Education Secretary

December 9, 2016 by


By Star Parker ~ For those with the least power, the poor, parents are totally locked into failing schools controlled by bureaucrats and unions. If the teachers unions are outraged by Donald Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos as the new secretary of education, our president-elect must have made a good choice. The two major unions […]

Pro-Choice Teacher

April 11, 2015 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ Education has gotten much too complicated. It was my life’s profession and I loved to teach, but I began to resent modern education after about twenty years. I stayed in for another sixteen while my frustration increasingly supplanted my enjoyment until I finally retired four years ago. Lately however, I’m learning […]

Being Beastly To The Germans

March 7, 2014 by


By Edward Cline ~ I was going to open this column with remarks on the plight of the German Romeike family, who in 2008 fled Germany to the U.S. to escape the prohibition there against homeschooling and the severe penalties, such as harsh financial fines and the removal of children from their homes, for not […]

Why Parents Are “Paranoid” About Common Core

February 22, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ This week’s award for Biggest Common Core Jerk goes to Missouri GOP state legislator Mike Lair. Parents, teachers, and administrators who object to the government education-“standards” racket – which usurps local control, impedes academic achievement, and undermines family privacy – have politicians on the defensive. The only response these Fed Ed […]

Regulations Can’t Replace Judgment

April 8, 2013 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ Looks like I retired just in time. If I hadn’t decided to leave public education in 2011, Chapter 33 would have been the final straw. This Maine State law mandates that unruly students cannot be forcibly removed from the classroom. Basically, nobody can touch a student when he or she is […]

“Won’t Back Down” Provides Insight into Current Education Debate

October 6, 2012 by


By Amanda Lucas ~ Last Friday marked the opening of Won’t Back Down, a film that has brought renewed attention to school reform. The film covers a range of education issues, from teacher tenure reform and unions to school choice. In the film, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the role of Jamie Fitzpatrick, a single mother whose […]

“Won’t Back Down” Producer Brings School Choice to Big Screen

September 30, 2012 by


By Rob Bluey and Sarah Morris ~ The movie “Won’t Back Down” opened yesterday in more than 2,500 theaters across America. The film brings to the big screen the highly charged issue of education reform by showcasing how two committed parents take on the establishment. With a cast of stars, including Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola […]

Schooling Matt Damon

August 6, 2011 by


By Michelle Malkin Actor Matt Damon is a walking, talking public service reminder to immunize your children early and often against La-La-Land disease. In Damon’s world, all public school teachers are selfless angels. Government workers and Hollywood entertainers are impervious to economic incentives. And anyone who disagrees is a know-nothing, “corporate reformer” ingrate who hates […]