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Be a Saint, Not a Scrooge

December 16, 2013 by


Pope Francis’s challenge is important, whatever your interpretation of his economic views. By Peggy Noonan · We’re not a year into his leadership, but it’s Christmastime and the pope has been much in the news. Let’s look at how he’s doing. He continues to capture the imagination. When he says something, people look and listen. […]

No Moderates Please

March 3, 2013 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ The Mainstream Media (MSM) get very interested in the Catholic Church when they want it to pick a “more modern” or “moderate” pope. They’re running lots of pieces on what American Catholics want. For one local example, The Portland Press Herald – biggest newspaper in Maine – proclaimed “Maine Catholics hope […]

The Pope

February 25, 2013 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ He didn’t quit. He was fired? Read More by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

HBO Hates Popes, Loves Kennedys

February 17, 2013 by


By Brent Bozell ~ Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world on Monday morning by announcing he would resign at the end of February. For Catholics, there was sorrow and there was gratitude for a Holy Father who taught with such distinction and worked with such care to safeguard the church’s theological traditions. But there are […]

The President’s ‘Really Bad Idea’

February 15, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ “The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, growth and entailment of a public debt, are indications soliciting the employment of the pruning knife.” –Thomas Jefferson Proposed by Barack Obama and signed into law by Barack Obama, the sequester — automatic spending “cuts” of $85 billion that will kick […]

Obama’s State of the Union

February 13, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ The Foundation “For it is a truth which the experience of all ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger, when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.” –Alexander Hamilton NeoCom SOTU Address Last night, Barack […]