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PolitiFact Gives Biden A Thumbs-Up For Dismissive Claim About Police Work

September 13, 2020 by


By Tim Graham ~ Since I complained in my column that PolitiFact had given Joe Biden five “Mostly True” ratings in August, and nothing else, they must have noticed, because somehow, Biden already has five “Mostly False” ratings in September. (This underlines how “fact checkers” can choose their evaluations and curate them.) Biden also has […]

PolitiFact’s Pants-On-Fire Claims Of Neutrality

September 8, 2020 by


By Tim Graham ~ Apparently, the proper role of the “independent fact checker” in today’s presidential campaign is to present the consistent opinion that Joe Biden is a force for truth and light, and Donald Trump is a rampaging liar who never says anything true. No one should suggest that these “fact checker” groups need […]

Fact-Checking The Fact-Checkers

July 17, 2020 by


By Craig Rucker ~ Is there a more insidious threat to free speech online than biased fact-checking? Global warming pressure groups are using every trick in their book to censor and besmirch Michael Shellenberger after he posted an article apologizing for the climate scare on behalf of environmentalists. Forbes actually succumbed to the pressure and […]

Video: Snopes vs. Babylon Bee

August 26, 2019 by


“Fact checking” satire is every bit as ridiculous as you might think. Thanks, Snopes. ~ Media Editors  ~      By Freedom Toons View and Read more informative and FACTual (Not FAKE) Videos and Articles at The Patriot Post