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Leftism Makes People Meaner: Reflections On The Torture Of Paul Manafort

June 12, 2019 by


By Dennis Prager ~ The sadistic treatment of Paul Manafort illustrates something I have believed since I attended graduate school in the 1970s and saw the behavior of left-wing students: Leftism makes people meaner. There are kind and mean conservatives and kind and mean liberals. Neither liberalism nor conservatism makes people kinder or meaner. But […]

Manafort and Cohen + A Needless Tragedy

August 26, 2018 by


By Gary Bauer ~  By now you have heard about the verdict against Paul Manafort and the guilty plea by Michael Cohen. Big Media is in full lynch-mob mode. Here’s what you need to know: With an unlimited budget, a team of aggressive, pro-Hillary lawyers and a grand jury drawn from a city that voted 76% for […]

Trump’s Troubles: The Strategic Perspective

August 24, 2018 by


his first year MAGA accomplishments, and adding numerous legislative, judicial, regulatory, and economic thus far in his second year, is remarkable. No conventional president has done more to turn the country back toward Liberty in his first 18 months in office than Donald Trump.

Manafort Indictment Inspires Desperate Rolling Stone Hope For Quick Trump Exit

October 31, 2017 by


By P.J. Gladnick ~ It’s gonna happen! Paul Manafort has been indicted and…and that means that Donald Trump will soon be leaving office. That pretty much sums up the attitude of Rolling Stone writer Bob Dreyfuss who, upon hearing the news about Paul Manafort’s indictment, just couldn’t contain himself over the fantasy that this will lead to […]