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February 13, 2019 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Will Smith is about to appear as the genie in the live action version of Aladdin and Leftists are attacking him for appearing in blueface. It shows how off the rails political correctness has driven us! Yikes! Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones . Advertisements

Covington Catholic School Boys

January 26, 2019 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Today’s cartoon features two “old guys” trying to come to some kind of understanding of life in 2019. Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Gender Fluidity?

January 23, 2019 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ The Leftist war on Western civilization and Trumpism is ramping up! The American Psychological Association has now declared traditional masculinity to be “dangerous” According to USA Today: The APA defines traditional masculinity as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, […]

UN Attacks Chance For Peace (Again)

December 14, 2018 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ According to Canada Free Press: United Nations, Egypt and Jordan could scuttle Trump’s peace plan by David Singer President Trump’s long-awaited peace plan to end the Arab-Jewish conflict—slated for release by the end of January 2019—could be indefinitely shelved.This possibility has emerged following the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) failing […]

Vive La France

December 12, 2018 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Vive La France! Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

DNA Your Way To Victim Status!

October 19, 2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ South Park takes the Elizabeth Warren DNA test. You, too, can become a celebrity victim with just 1 per cent of some approved minority. Andrew Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and The Advertiser and runs Australia’s most-read political blog. On week nights he hosts The Bolt Report on […]

Waving The Flag

August 15, 2018 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ In the old days, years ago, we regularly referred to our local Arab population as “Israeli Arabs”. It now seems that many (most?) now reject the idea that they are “Israeli” If you remember those old days (or you’d like to see what they were like) you’ll find my collection […]