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NOAA Proposes Massively Cruel Offshore Sonar Survey

June 6, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ You would think that with all the uproar over whale deaths, NOAA and the offshore wind industry would be more careful about harassing huge numbers of marine mammals. On the contrary, NOAA’s latest proposal sets a new record for needless cruelty. NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is taking comments […]

Offshore Wind May Not Reduce CO2 Emissions

June 1, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ There is a common assumption that offshore wind electricity generation greatly reduces CO2 emissions. In fact this is the primary justification for the horrendous cost and adverse impact of these offshore megaprojects. As with many green assumptions, this may well be false. First, given the way power generation actually works […]

Is Dominion’s Offshore Wind Project ‘Arbitrary And Capricious’? NOAA Says YES!

May 28, 2023 by


By Collister Johnson ~ Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been issuing a raft of “Incidental Harassment Authorizations” (IHA) to offshore wind developers. The IHAs allow the developers to “harass” marine mammals – including critically endangered Right Whales – as long as the activity is “incidental” to some form of offshore wind […]

Feds Play Shell Game With Wind / Whale Impacts

May 24, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ NOAA is taking public comments on a massive proposal to harass large numbers of whales and other marine mammals by building a huge offshore wind complex. There is supposed to be an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed harassment but it is not there with the proposal. We are […]

The Left Thinks Offshore Wind Costs Are Benefits

May 17, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ The climate Left is touting all the jobs that will be created by offshore wind development. They never mention that those fine jobs will all be paid for by those who use electricity, including the low income ratepayers. They think the huge offshore wind costs are benefits because somebody gets […]

CFACT To Feds: Wind Turbine Survey Cuts Off Whale Migration Corridor

May 3, 2023 by


By Craig Rucker ~ The Biden Administration is preparing to rush approval for the Atlantic Shores offshore wind project, which is located approximately 10-20 miles off the coast of New Jersey between Atlantic City and Barnegat Light, despite the risk it poses to marine mammals — particularly the severely endangered right whale. They are poised […]

Ignoring Dead Whales, NOAA Proposes Another Site Survey Off New Jersey

April 6, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ “Damn the whales, full speed ahead” seems to be the offshore wind policy of Biden’s NOAA. They now propose to approve yet another site survey, just 10 miles off Atlantic City. These surveys are the top suspect for the recent wave of dead whales, centered on New Jersey. See the […]

Proposed House Resolution Calls For Offshore Wind Moratorium

April 1, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ A proposed Resolution in the US House calls for the Congressional investigation of a comprehensive list of potential liabilities arising from offshore wind development. Offshore wind work is to stop as the probe proceeds. The broad scope of the inquiry is clearly stated in the resolution’s summary statement: “H.Res.239 – […]

Coastal Oregon Wind Projects Seen As Threat To Fisheries, Marine Ecosystem

March 30, 2023 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ As the debate continues to rage along the East Coast over offshore wind development’s impact on Atlantic whales and other marine life, a similar controversy has erupted on the West Coast, where plans for floating wind turbines are encountering growing opposition. The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management […]

New Jersey’s $8,000-Per-Resident Wind Energy Scheme Won’t Reduce Climate Change

March 22, 2023 by


By Travis Fisher and Kevin Dayaratna ~ In stark contrast to the bucolic vision of harvesting energy from the wind, New Jersey is witnessing harsh political reality. Gov. Phil Murphy has approved a large offshore wind farm in southern New Jersey, and local residents and officials who oppose the project because of extremely high costs, […]

Are Whales The Latest Casualties Of The Climate Change Industry?

March 19, 2023 by


By Peter Murphy ~ “Trekkies” should recall this pithy exchange about endangered humpback whales from the 1986 feature film, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, between Leonard Nimoy’s famous character and actor Catherine Hicks, who played “Dr. Taylor,” the cetologist. “Mr. Spock” stated, To hunt a species to extinction is not logical; to which “Dr. Taylor” […]

As Whales Wash Up, Feds Push “Green” Energy On Inadequate Knowledge

March 15, 2023 by


By Collister Johnson ~ Recently, an unusual number of dead whales have washed up on the beaches off the East Coast, stretching from New York to Virginia. A total of 16 have been found washed up on these shores in just the last month alone. It is speculated that more dead whales are floating out […]

Whale Death Confusion Abounds And Some Is Deliberate

March 11, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Press coverage of the tragic whale deaths is a supreme study in confusion, especially the foolish attempts to somehow exonerate offshore wind development. Here are some prominent examples. The evergreen New York Times wins the race for worst coverage by claiming to explain the numerous recent whale deaths as due […]

Offshore Wind Impact Probe Proposed

February 21, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith is outraged by the ever growing whale death toll, that coincides with rapidly increasing offshore wind development. He has introduced a much needed bill calling for an investigation of the impact assessment practices of those federal agencies that approve and oversee OSW. His bill — […]

Why Are Whales Dying Off The East Coast?

February 15, 2023 by


By Collister Johnson ~ There is nothing like a cluster of large whales washing up dead on the shores of New York, New Jersey, and Virginia to get the press and television up in arms. USA Today headlines trumpeted: “Whale deaths along East Coast prompt 12 NJ mayors’ call for offshore wind farm moratorium.” Fox […]

FERC’s Role In The Offshore Wind Stampede

February 7, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ I am looking at a fat study titled “The Benefit and Urgency of Planned Offshore Transmission: Reducing the Costs of and Barriers to Achieving U.S. Clean Energy Goals”. The term FERC occurs a whopping 92 times. See Not surprisingly the 103 page report is mistitled. It is actually about […]

Feds Push Ignorance Defense For Whale Killing By Offshore Wind Development

January 31, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the NOAA Fisheries agency have both put out what amount to “arguments from ignorance” claiming that offshore wind development has nothing to do with the recent whale deaths. “We know nothing about it so it must not be happening” is a ridiculous defense […]

Climate Extremists’ Hideous Wind Farms Coming To Your Backyard

January 28, 2023 by


By Craig Rucker ~ If all goes according to plan, Magic Valley Energy will soon be installing up to 400, 740-foot-tall wind turbines, 485 miles of new roads, miles and miles of transmission lines, and buildings filled with half-ton battery modules on upwards of 197,000 acres at Lava Ridge in southwestern Idaho. The company is […]

Evidence Says Offshore Wind Development Is Killing Lots Of Whales

January 24, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ The recent deaths of seven whales off New Jersey, mostly humpbacks, got a lot of attention. The federal NOAA Fisheries agency is responsible for whales. An outrageous statement by their spokesperson got me to do some research on humpback whale deaths. The results are appalling. The evidence seems clear that […]

The Silly Giant Scale Of U.S. Offshore Wind Development

January 8, 2023 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ The world’s biggest offshore wind array is Hornsea 2, which is 1,386 MW with a turbine size of 8.4 MW. Operational in 2022 it is the state of the OSW art. See But Virginia’s phase 1 array is a whopping 2,600 MW, with huge 15 MW turbines. Clearly it […]

Ten Whale Groups Slam Atlantic OSW

December 22, 2022 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Ten whale protection groups, including some prestigious names, filed lengthy and highly critical comments on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s “DRAFT BOEM and NOAA Fisheries North Atlantic Right Whale and Offshore Wind Strategy, October 2022”. Below are some excerpts to give the flavor of their anger. Note that NARW […]

Reality Bites Biden’s Gulf Of Mexico Wind Dreams

November 18, 2022 by


By Duggan Flanakin ~ President Joe Biden, fresh from a surprisingly good November election for his fellow Democrats, has redoubled his commitment to rid the world of natural fuels (oil, gas, coal) and impose an all-electric universe powered in large part by offshore wind farms. To that end, Biden recently announced massive wind lease areas offshore from Lake […]

German Offshore Wind Is Not An Example To Follow

November 16, 2022 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, but let’s face it, as often as not we don’t. If we’re not willing to face up to our own blunders, why not take note of others’ miscues? The Biden administration is hot to trot to install giant, industrial-scale wind facilities along the […]

Dominion’s Silly Denial Of The Great Threat To Whales

October 23, 2022 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Press coverage of the CFACT, Heartland et al consideration of litigation to protect the Right Whales from offshore wind development brought forth this response from Dominion: “Dominion Energy spokesperson Jeremy Slayton said in a statement, “These groups lack credibility on environmental issues. They are climate change deniers and oppose offshore […]