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Biden’s Offshore Wind Energy Mirage

May 7, 2021 by


By Craig Rucker ~ President Biden recently announced ambitious plans to install huge offshore industrial wind facilities along America’s Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coasts. His goal is to churn out 30 gigawatts (30,000 megawatts) of wind capacity by 2030, ensuring the U.S. “leads by example” in fighting the “climate crisis.” Granted “30 by […]

Cybersecurity Of Wind Power A Growing Concern

April 6, 2021 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ The Biden White House’s March 29 announcement that it will expedite development of offshore wind projects along the Atlantic Coast of the United States underscores the administration’s commitment to move the nation away from fossil fuels to increased dependence on renewable energy. But the prospect of giant wind turbines sprouting […]

Lake Erie Wind Turbines Lethal Threat To Migratory Birds

July 4, 2020 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ The steady improvement in the water quality of the Great Lakes represents one of the real environmental success stories of recent decades. But the giant inland seas’ ecosystem now faces a new threat, this one coming from advocates of renewable energy. For over a decade, the Lake Erie Energy Development […]

Virginia’s Latest Folly – Offshore Wind Power

June 19, 2020 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ As reported in an earlier article, Virginia’s green electric power plan calls for 5,000 MW of offshore wind generating capacity to be built in the next decade or so. This is a huge amount given that the worldwide total is just around 15,000 MW. We are talking about something like […]

Wind Turbine Waste

November 9, 2019 by


By Craig Rucker ~ The answer to our energy challenges is not blowing in the wind. CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen explains in detail at Wind “farms”? Like some cute, rustic Old McDonald family farm? Are you kidding me? These would be massive offshore electricity factories, with thousands, even millions, of turbines and […]

The Giga And Terra Scam Of Offshore Wind Energy

November 5, 2019 by


By Paul Driessen ~ Can anti-fossil fuel policies based on climate crisis alarmism possibly get any more insane than this? In what might be described as a pre-Halloween trick of ginormous proportions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) now asserts that “renewable, sustainable” energy output will explode over the next two decades. Certainly for onshore wind […]

The Frightful Cost Of Virginia Offshore Wind

November 21, 2018 by


By Steve Goreham ~ On November 6, Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) regulatory agency approved a project to construct wind turbines near Virginia Beach. The plan calls for construction of turbines 27 miles off the coast, to begin operation by the end of 2020. Virginia electricity rate-payers will pay the exorbitant costs of this project. […]

Are Wind Turbines Killing Whales?

March 4, 2016 by


Environmentalists say navy sonar hurts whales, but ignore impacts of offshore wind farms By Paul Driessen and Mark Duchamp ~ Between January 9 and February 4 this year, 29 sperm whales got stranded and died on English, German and Dutch beaches. Environmentalists and the news media offered multiple explanations – except the most obvious and […]

Wind Energy’s Bluster Peters Out

January 13, 2015 by


Cape Wind looks dead in the water, Minwind is bankrupt By Marita Noon ~ Touted as “America’s first offshore wind project,” Cape Wind became one of America’s most high-profile and most controversial wind-energy projects. Fourteen years in the making, estimated at $2.6 billion for 130 turbines, covering 25 square miles in Nantucket Sound off the […]

Solar And Wind Power Losing Worldwide Support

March 21, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ In his state of the union speech in January President Obama claimed that the U.S. was closer to “energy independence” than ever. He was referring to solar energy while ignoring that his administration has been the most anti-fossil fuel energy than any previous one. The U.S. has the greatest energy reserves, […]

Offshore Wind: The New Math

June 7, 2013 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. ~ The Bureau of Ocean Energy and Management (BOEM) recently provided some statistics on NRG’s Bluewater Wind project off the coast of New Jersey that show what a bad deal this project will be for taxpayers and consumers. NRG paid about $24,000 to lease 96,000 acres, which works out to about […]

Blowing More Taxpayer Money for Offshore Wind

December 14, 2012 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Much of the debate over wind subsidies this past year has been over the extension of the wind production tax credit. But even if the subsidy expires at the end of the year (as it is supposed to), that does not mean all wind subsidies are disappearing, even though they should. […]

A New Dark Age for Germany?

December 4, 2010 by


By Edgar L. Gaertner Thousands of bureaucrats are preparing for another cushy climate confab in Cancun – while Senators Bingaman, Brownback and Reid are contemplating how to ram renewable energy standards through a lame-duck session. If they’re wise, American voters and congressmen will pay extra careful attention to the awful dilemma of German climate and […]

Government Speeds Permitting for Wind Farms as Gulf Drilling Continues to Lag

December 2, 2010 by


By Camilo Rodriguez Just one day after meeting with the oil and gas industry in Houma, La., last week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar unveiled the Obama administration’s “Smart from the Start” initiative to speed up the permitting process. Only this wasn’t permitting for offshore oil drilling, but wind farms off of the East Coast. “To […]

Is Cape Wind A Viable Alternative?

July 4, 2010 by


In a parallel post from Nick Loris at this link, a commentator compared the Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf with Cape Wind, saying this Offshore Project is infinitely more acceptable than offshore drilling for oil. You cannot compare one with the other, as those with green tinged glasses always seem to do. They quote […]