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Obama’s Dangerous Drive To Make US Combat Troops Co-Ed

September 24, 2015 by


By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~ President Obama is already weakening our military by shedding troops, weapons and ships. But even these cuts aren’t as dangerous as his misguided crusade for a gender-blind military. “Valor has no gender,” Obama naively announced. True, but strength, speed and sharpshooting accuracy are gender-specific. A new 9-month, $36 million study […]

What Hagel’s Exit Means

November 27, 2014 by


By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~ It took almost 40 years but the VietCong finally nailed Chuck Hagel, the only Vietnam enlistee to serve as Secretary of Defense. He was one of three people at the White House podium, taking a bullet for his Commander-in-Chief and offering his resignation like a good soldier […]

Panetta: Obama Weakened U.S. Credibility, Abandoned Iraq

October 5, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ This is news, even here in Australia…..TonyfromOz. Barack Obama’s former Defence Secretary agrees – the president has been a weak leader: Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is criticizing President Obama for leaning toward, then deciding against military action against Syria for its use of chemical weapons. “By failing to respond, it […]

The U.S. Is Becoming A Weaker Nation

October 1, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ The news that the U.S. Air Force, joined at long last by some of the Arab nations most threatened by the Islamic State (ISIS), began bombing their headquarters and military sites in Syria was long overdue, but welcome. It took time because Obama had originally dismissed ISIS as a threat. It […]

Why The U.S. Has Been Losing Wars

January 27, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ It is typical of the media that it concentrated on a few observations of Obama when reporting on Robert M. Gates new book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War”, while ignoring the main themes of the 600-plus page book. Suffice to say, this is not light reading. It reads much […]

The Tools To Prevent Another World War

January 19, 2014 by


By James Carafano Ph.D.~ Gavrilo Princip was no sharpshooter. He didn’t have to be. His target passed just feet in front of him. Princip plugged the heir to the Hapsburg throne in the jugular vein. Archduke Franz Ferdinand bled out in his car. That single killing sparked a global slaughter. European security issues had grown […]

New Robert Gates Book ‘Duty’ Reveals Obama’s Dereliction

January 13, 2014 by


By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~ The system’s object: the American soldier, sailor, aviator and Marine in their front-line fighting positions around the world. Consequently, it is simply appalling when Mr. Gates reports that Mr. Obama was personally solicitous toward senior military commanders, but deeply suspicious of their motivations and agendas. Excuse me, […]

An Ungrateful Congress Screws Its Own Military

January 4, 2014 by


By Gregory D. Lee ~ The budget just passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama is shameful because it reduces the cost of living allowance (COLA) by 1% for military retirees under age 62. In an effort for full disclosure, I am a retired U.S. Army Reserve Chief Warrant […]

Why We Will Not Invade Syria

September 17, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ All the recent talk about a proposed and then-delayed attack on Basher Assad’s Syria has not included our recent experience in Iraq. We invaded in 2003 and within a month were in Baghdad. It was not a victory. It was the beginning of a long, drawn-out defeat that ended with the […]

Obama: Saluting For The Cameras

October 31, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba Presidents engage in all kinds of ceremonial events. Every Thanksgiving, they “pardon” a turkey so it doesn’t end up on the White House menu. They make sure they are photographed with the winning teams of various sporting series. Every Easter they can be found at the White House Egg Roll accompanied, I […]

Afghanistan, Bananistan

October 29, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba Though it pains me deeply, I have to agree with President Obama’s reluctance to send more troops into Afghanistan. Perhaps he is thinking about the problems the Soviet Union encountered even though they had an estimated 100,000 troops there in the 1990s? Perhaps he is wondering why the United States has been […]

Obama’s Military Grows More Worried By Their Chief

October 22, 2009 by


By Andrew Bolt Worrying news, and that it’s reported even by the New York Times suggests the alarm is now widespread: Only nine months ago, the Pentagon pronounced itself reassured by the early steps of a new commander in chief. President Obama was moving slowly on an American withdrawal from Iraq, had retained former President […]