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Challenging Obama’s Alleged Powers

January 7, 2015 by


By Alan Caruba ~ The good news as 2015 debuts is that President Obama has managed to very nearly decimate the Democratic Party, leaving it weaker in Congress and throughout the nation than it has been in memory. The bad news is that he has weakened the nation in the eyes of the world. He […]

Daily Double: U.S. Caves In To Two Tyrannies In One Afternoon

December 24, 2014 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ Staggering. The United States of America – Earth’s sole remaining superpower – capitulated to both Cuba and North Korea in one day. Final Score: Open-air Museums of Stalinism – 2; Land of the Free and Home of the Brave – 0. Obama announced on Wednesday that Washington and the Castro regime would resume […]

Hagel’s Exit Won’t Save O’s Weak Foreign Policy

December 1, 2014 by


By Peter Brookes ~   OK, so maybe at least one head had to roll – in this case that of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel – after the murderous mid-term elections which partly reflected Team Obama’s sloppy steering of the ship of state in international waters. But the inconvenient truth about all of this delicious […]

Chickenshit Name-Calling

October 30, 2014 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ According to the Guardian: Binyamin Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’, say US officials in explosive interview “US relations with Israel have plunged to new depths of bitterness and hostility as senior officials in the Obama administration decried Binyamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit prime minister”, “coward” and a man more interested in his own […]

Obama’s “Whack A Mole” Foreign Policy

September 6, 2014 by


By Dr. Robin McFee ~ Ever been to a carnival – no, not junkets on Air Force One, the circus that is the current Washington DC political scene, or the White House, but a legitimate amusement park? If you have, then you know the game – “whack a mole” where you try to hammer a […]

Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

August 17, 2014 by


By Slater Bakhtavar ~ The Obama administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East and parts of North Africa has been a series of disasters – at times spectacular disasters – almost since day one. It is ironic that a man who claims to respect the dignity of every human being should have such an egregious […]

John Kerry Conspiracy Theory

June 24, 2014 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ According to PressTV (the Iranian News station): Kerry goes on defense over foreign policy failures “US Secretary of State John Kerry says he may take the blame for the US foreign policy failures, as the crises in Ukraine and Syria continue and the so-called Middle East peace talks are stalled.”-more […]

Iraq Agonistes

June 16, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ I remember how the Vietnam War seemed to drag on for years without resolution, from Lyndon Johnson’s initial expansion in 1964, after he was elected in his own right through his second term, marked by many marches in Washington, D.C. demanding the U.S. get out. It took Nixon’s and Kissinger’s efforts […]

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”

June 12, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ On June 12, 1987, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, speaking in Berlin, said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” It fell in 1989 and, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. From the end of World War Two in 1945, the United States had stood strong against the Communist […]

The President’s Prisoner Exchange

June 11, 2014 by


By Herbert London ~ For a considerable period I have argued that President Obama’s foreign policy was feckless, a function of inexperience and amateurish advisement. The overarching goal of removing the U.S. from harm’s way seemed absurd since even if you want to avoid war, it sometimes has a way of finding you. But there […]

There’s An Intelligence Crisis At The White House

June 9, 2014 by


By James Carafano Ph.D.~ With U.S. foreign policy in the doldrums on every front, President Obama’s handlers decided it was time for action. And, so he jetted to Afghanistan to spend Memorial Day with the troops. The fly-in to Bagram Airfield was only the first “photo op.” Two days later the president convened a Rose […]

Obama’s War On America Is His Top Priority

April 1, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ We all know that the “sanctions” Obama has placed on a few of Putin’s pals thus far and those Obama wants the European Union to impose will have no affect whatever on Putin’s decision to annex the Crimea from Ukraine. One of Obama’s solutions to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty includes giving it […]

Condoleezza Rice Accuses A Weary Obama Of Letting Trouble Fill His “Vacuum”

March 28, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accuses “weary” Barack Obama of giving in to trouble: “Right now, there’s a vacuum,” she told a crowd of more than two thousand attending the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual dinner… “There’s a vacuum because we’ve decided to lower our voice. We’ve decided to step […]

The White House Is Defeating The U.S. Military

March 27, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ I began March with a look at the way President Obama is undermining the U.S. military and did not think I would have to return to this topic for a while. I was wrong. A March 25 article in The Washington Times was titled “Obama to Kill Navy’s Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile […]

Can America Survive Obama?

March 19, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ After a series of events that continue the decline of America’s global reputation along with increasing questions about the level of Obama administration corruption within the Internal Revenue Service, these and other factors lead inevitably to the question of whether America can survive Barack Hussein Obama. By March 12, a Wall […]

What Putin Sees When He Looks To The West

March 14, 2014 by


By Peter Brookes ~ While we wring our hands over whether we have any options in preventing Crimea from being slowly — but almost surely — sucked into the Russian sphere of influence for good, the fact is that the Kremlin clearly thought it could get away with it. Why? Weakness. There’s no doubt that […]

Smartest President Ever?

March 12, 2014 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ The things I feared most when Barack Obama was elected to a second term are unfolding.Last Friday night, Obama said: “There will be costs” if Russia invades the Crimea. Hours later, Russian soldiers moved in. Remember that 3 AM phone call Hillary Clinton warned us about in 2008? Remember Saturday Night […]

Round Two: The New Push For War

March 2, 2014 by


By Peter Farmer ~ Having failed last year to get the war they wanted in Syria, the western political/economic elites are trying again – this time in the Ukraine. After a lull in the action, which included the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the gamesmanship between east and west is again heating up against […]

Russia Threatens To Invade Ukraine

March 2, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ This is getting very dangerous: Russia’s parliament has given President Vladimir Putin the go-ahead to send troops into Ukraine, despite a warning from Washington that such a deployment would results in “costs’’ for Moscow and alarm among Western nations including Australia, sparking a UN Security Council emergency meeting this morning. The […]

John Kerry, Jihad Coddler

January 18, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ The myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist never dies. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest Obama administration official to peddle this odious narrative. Cue John Lennon’s cloying “Imagine,” don your plaid pajamas, and curl up with a warm cup of deadly naivete. While meeting with Catholic Church officials […]

2014: The World Without America. Or Is It?

January 4, 2014 by


By Dr. Michael Ledeen ~ At the end of last year, President Obama was in Hawaii. French President Hollande was in Saudi Arabia, whose leaders openly declare their contempt for American leaders. Obama is basically having fun. Hollande and the royal family are basically doing strategy. They are designing actions to advance their interests in […]

Weakness Begets Challenges

December 18, 2013 by


By Herbert London ~ The world stage is trembling with emerging challenges, challenges so deep and potentially fracturing that the globe may never be the same again. This is 1789, 1848, 1917 and 1941 wrapped in one momentous year. Wherever one turns, chaos reigns and, in large part, this dislocation is due to a United […]

Iran Is Now Obama’s BFF

December 9, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ News about events in Syria took a nosedive the moment the Russians stepped in to take on the job of destroying Bashar Assad’s arsenal of poison gas. It’s not as if Syrians aren’t still dying. One of the few reliable journalistic enterprises, The Wall Street Journal, put Syria on its front […]

Obama’s Iranian Deal Is A New Disaster

November 11, 2013 by


By Alan Caruba ~ The headline of the lead, page one article in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, November 8 was “U.S., Iran Close In on Nuclear Deal” with a sub-headline “West Set to Ease Some Financial Sanctions in Exchange for Tehran Freezing Most Advance Work.’ Secretary of State John Kerry cut short a visit […]