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The Federal Regulations That Affect Your Thanksgiving Foods

November 25, 2016 by


By Diane Katz ~ This being the fourth Thursday of November, we turn our attention to the abundance on our tables and the blessings in our lives. (There is also no small number of folks who are deeply grateful for the end of election season.) Let us also give thanks that the Obama administration will […]

The EPA Invites Secret Green Activist Lawsuits

November 3, 2016 by


The result: regulations created in secret with zero input or knowledge by stakeholders By Larry Bell ~ Overreaching federal regulators, the EPA in particular, are getting lots of help from collaborating anonymous lawyers they pay to sue them. The Department of Treasury even maintains a special “Judgement Fund” to perpetuate these legal charades. Referred to […]

Who Is Guarding The (Dictatorial) Guards?

September 27, 2016 by


Regulators mete out fines and stymie growth, but are rarely punished for their own misconduct By Paul Driessen ~ Several years ago, Wells Fargo Bank discovered that employees had boosted sales, by opening some 2 million deposit and credit card accounts without customer knowledge or authorization. Over the next few years, the bank fired more […]

What’s Wrong With The Government’s Mandating Of Energy Efficiency

August 24, 2016 by


By Katie Tubb and Nicolas Loris and Paul J. Larkin Jr. ~ The Obama administration’s Department of Energy has churned through a list of energy efficiency regulations before the next administration. Just since June, the DOE has set or initiated standards for dehumidifiers, ceiling fans, battery chargers, and wine coolers. At issue isn’t health or […]

These Climate Change Regulations Will Increase Your Electric Bill

July 30, 2016 by


By Elayne Allen and Nicolas Loris ~ Amid the summer heat, American households are thankful for affordable, reliable air conditioning. But the Obama administration’s war on coal is going to drive up energy prices for families who want to keep cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter. A recent study by Heritage […]

Farmers Under The Gun In Obama “Clean Power Plan”

July 16, 2016 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ Hidden in the thicket of the Obama administration’s elaborate scheme to transform the U.S. energy sector away from fossil fuels is a section that puts American farmers squarely in Washington’s bull’s eye. The Clean Power Plan, the final version of which was unveiled on August 3, 2015, is generally understood […]

Obama’s Green Energy Plans Kill Jobs, Hurt Consumers, And Cost Taxpayers

June 21, 2016 by


By Marita Noon ~ Proponents of green energy like to point out how the costs have come down—and they have. Renewable energy costs, such as wind and solar, are not expected to equal fossil fuel costs anytime in the near future, and recent growth has been propped up by mandates and tax incentives. But there […]

Senators To AG: Stop Targeting Opponents Of Obama’s Energy Policies

May 29, 2016 by


By Hans von Spakovsky ~ On Thursday, five U.S. senators sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding that she stop using Justice Department “law enforcement resources to stifle private debate on one of the most controversial public issues of our time—climate change.” Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Mike Lee, R-Utah, Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., David […]

New Interior Department Rules Expected To Curtail Gulf Oil Production

May 27, 2016 by


By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~ The Obama Administration finalized new rules it says will improve drilling safety in the Gulf of Mexico, but some experts are saying the regulations will undermine safety. The Interior Department, which is responsible for licensing and regulating oil and gas production on the U.S. outer-continental shelf, unveiled the sweeping new […]

Graduates Face A Big Challenge

May 23, 2016 by


When they go into the Real World, college and high school grads will actually have to THINK By Paul Driessen ~ As they don caps and gowns, endure commencement speeches and take their diplomas, many high school and college graduates face bleak prospects in an economy that grew a dismal 0.5% the first quarter. The […]

The Green War Against The Working Class

April 21, 2016 by


By Stephen Moore ~ There was a time in America—and it wasn’t even so long ago—that liberals actually cared about working class people. They may have been misguided in many of their policy solutions (i.e., raising the minimum wage) but at least their heart was in the right place. Then a strange thing happened about […]

Obama’s Following Through With Promise To Bankrupt Energy Companies

April 16, 2016 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Here’s one set of energy companies: Peabody, Arch Coal, Patriot Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, James River Coal and Walter Energy. Here’s another: Solyndra, Abound Solar, Fisker Automotive, Beacon Power, Vehicle Production Group. Both sets of companies have two common elements. They’ve all filed for bankruptcies and the federal government had a […]

Methane Mendacity – And Madness

April 11, 2016 by


Radical green and government agitators slam methane in latest bid to terminate fossil fuel use By Paul Driessen ~ Quick: What is 17 cents out of $100,000? If you said 0.00017 percent, you win the jackpot. That number, by sheer coincidence, is also the percentage of methane in Earth’s atmosphere. That’s a trivial amount, you […]

Washington’s Despotic Lawlessness

March 21, 2016 by


We’ve had a “try and stop me” president. Now we need one who will invalidate those actions. By Paul Driessen ~ Washington is out of control. Legislators, judges and unelected bureaucrats want to control our lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no accountability even for major errors, calculated deception, or deliberate, often illegal assaults on […]

What These State Environmental Officials Say Obama’s EPA Has Forced On Them

March 10, 2016 by


By Natalie Johnson ~ The Environmental Protection Agency has overstepped its legal authority by imposing a regulatory agenda on the states, environmental officials at the state level testified Wednesday to a Senate committee. Randy Huffman, cabinet secretary at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, testified that the EPA’s flood of environmental regulations since President […]

After 1 Year, The Effects Of The Net Neutrality Regulations

March 3, 2016 by


By Josh Siegel ~ One year after the Federal Communications Commission decided to regulate Internet service as an essential public utility, the contentious net neutrality policy is being challenged in court, and Republican lawmakers are seeking to overturn it. But even as net neutrality faces an uncertain future, supporters and opponents of the rules are […]

Tax Oil To Subsidize Wind?

February 15, 2016 by


Obama wants to punish oil industry to advance climate agenda. So do Hillary, Bernie and Mike By Paul Driessen ~ If you want more of something, mandate it, subsidize it and exempt it from regulations. If you want less of something, punish it with taxes and regulations. Put more bluntly, the power to tax and […]

Obama’s 0.7 Percent “Solution”

February 8, 2016 by


Obama, Democrats and bureaucrats bury America’s future under more federal regulations By Paul Driessen ~ America’s abysmal 0.7% economic growth during the fourth quarter of 2015 meant the annual growth rate was an anemic 2.4% … and average annual growth for the six-year Obama era a pathetic 2.2 percent. This is “dead last compared to […]

US Bound By Climate Change Deal That Skirts Constitution, House Panel Told

February 4, 2016 by


By Natalie Johnson ~ President Barack Obama bound the United States to an international agreement on climate change, but the administration’s decision to circumvent Congress to implement the deal has lawyers questioning its constitutionality. Despite legally binding elements in the Paris Protocol, which require Senate ratification, negotiators worded the deal in a manner that enables […]

Why 25 States Have Asked Supreme Court To Halt This Costly EPA Regulation

January 28, 2016 by


By Katie Tubb ~ Twenty-five states (and four state agencies) are petitioning the Supreme Court to halt the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, after the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit declined to stay the rule last week. The states described the Clean Power Plan “as the most far reaching […]

5 Reasons Why Senate Energy Modernization Bill Is Anything But Modern

January 21, 2016 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ Several senators want to advance a massive energy bill called the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015. But there’s nothing modern about the legislation. The bill is an extension of the same, tired “politicians-know-best mentality” that siphons taxpayer dollars and hands them to special interests. The policy provisions of bills like […]

2016 Will Influence Climate Debate Outcome

January 6, 2016 by


The political landscape may be permanently altered in response to the climate change challenge By Larry Bell ~ Don’t expect the public opinion media war between “authorities” who argue whether your SUV is causing glaciers to melt, oceans to rise, and polar bears to hyperventilate will finally be settled any time soon. At least not […]

Turkeys We’re Not Thankful For

November 28, 2015 by


The tasty birds are affordable. Government turkeys enrich crony corporatists, but cost us dearly. By Paul Driessen ~ To commemorate Thanksgiving – and garner First Family photo ops – presidents often host Rose Garden ceremonies, where they “pardon” a turkey, before sitting down to dine on one of its cousins. In fact, Americans ate close […]

We Need Protection From The EPA

October 27, 2015 by


Unfettered regulations are robbing us blind By Larry Bell ~ The late political commentator Henry Louis Mencken providently observed an age-old strategy currently being applied to advance the EPA’s relentless expansion of power over our lives: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to […]