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Politico Scolds ‘Pouty Republicans Who Stiff Reporters,’ They’re ‘Making A Big Mistake’

August 1, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Politico senior media writer Jack Shafer typed an article titled “Unsolicited Advice for the Pouty Republicans Who Stiff Reporters: 2024 GOP contenders are making a big mistake by only talking to themselves.” The problem here is you don’t have to be “pouty” to make a decision to restrict media access. And not […]

The Prizes Of Collusion And The Collusion Of Prizes

July 30, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple was angry. The Pulitzer Prize committee organized two outside organizations to review (and approve) their controversial 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, granted to The New York Times and The Washington Post for covering the Russian “collusion” investigation. President Trump and his staunchest media fans […]

WashPost: Biden Getting COVID An ‘Opportunity To Show ‘Success Of His Leadership’

July 25, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ When President Biden was diagnosed with COVID, suddenly The Washington Post motto shifted from “Democracy Dies In Darkness” to “We’re Walking On Sunshine.” The positive spin was aerobic. Post columnist Leana Wen stood out with a piece on Thursday headlined “Biden’s covid diagnosis is a teaching moment for the country.” She […]

Biden Gets COVID, Exposing Huge Double Standard

July 23, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ President Biden has tested positive for COVID. We should all hope the president has an easy time. We should not ask for media nastiness and/or glee. But this presents an obvious occasion to remember just how the “objective” press made a frenetic, mean-spirited and hyperbolic mess out of Trump’s bout with […]

Washington Free Beacon Mocks Biden-Backing ‘Fact Checkers’ As Democrat Spinners

July 18, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Washington Post “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler huffed and puffed on Tuesday about “The misplaced outrage over Hunter Biden and U.S. oil reserves bought by China.” One of the “liars” in this outrage was the Washington Free Beacon. In an editorial titled Fact Checking’s Final Frontier, they replied “We at the Washington Free […]

The National Pro-Abortion Echo Chamber

July 15, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ When the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, there was a shocking (if temporary) turn in the news coverage. The pro-life victory was so historic that journalists actually interviewed pro-life activists to get their reaction to this glorious news. It was different when some scabrous leaker gave Politico a copy of […]

NPR Puts On Leftist Who Thinks The Pro-Life Side Shouldn’t Get Any Entertainment TV Time

July 11, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ As part of its ongoing abortion advocacy badly disguised as journalism, Thursday’s Morning Edition devoted a segment to how Hollywood hasn’t been pro-abortion enough! Anchor Rachel Martin spoke for more than seven minutes to Tanya Melendez, a doctoral fellow at the University of Illinois, who wrote an article for last fall […]

Careening Away From Karine Jean-Pierre

July 2, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The reviews are in for the new White House press secretary, and it’s not good. Politico ran a story headlined “Karine Jean-Pierre’s tough debut: Unforced stumbles and press corps grumbles.” Reporters Max Tani, Alex Thompson, and Allie Bice wrote “it’s been a rocky first month” for Jean-Pierre, so bad that she’s […]

Horrors! NPR’s Nina Totenberg Warns High Court’s The Most Conservative In 75 Years

June 27, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ On Weekend Edition on Saturday morning, National Public Radio legal reporter Nina Totenberg warned NPR’s liberal base that the “very conservative” court is just getting started after the abortion decision, that next year will be another “rock-em-sock-em term.” They’re the most conservative in 75 years, and she (and others in public […]

Beyond ‘Rage Giving’: AP Promotes The Need For ‘Abortion Funds’ To Pay For More Abortions

June 13, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The Associated Press is feeling the pain of abortion activists. AP philanthropy reporter Thalia Beaty offered a story headlined “Abortion funds feel frustration, gratitude at ‘rage giving’.” That’s a wave of donations spurred by news coverage that often drops off after the narrative moves on. Beaty began the story with Casie […]

NBC Op-Ed: Biden’s Gaffes Are His ‘Authenticity,’ Shouldn’t Be Smothered By Staff

June 12, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Our friend Gabriel Hays at Fox News reported an “Think” piece defended President Joe Biden from his own staff on Tuesday, arguing that his handlers correcting his gaffes and walking back his off-the-cuff remarks ruins his “authenticity” Biden should be “skeptical” of his handlers and trust “his own instincts” going forward. The […]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedian Cuddle With Biden

June 11, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ President Biden hasn’t granted an interview to a news outlet since February 10. Some might energetically assert these four months of avoidance ended on June 8 when Biden sat down on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. But absolutely no one should consider this 24-minute sponge bath a news interview. It sounded more like […]

The Conservative Media Doesn’t ‘Dwarf’ Liberal Media

June 9, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ As much as conservatives appreciate the counter-balance of the conservative media, it can be shocking to witness the audacity of liberals pretending that Fox News & Co. are enormous, and uniquely partisan in nature. Former Obama spin artist Dan Pfeiffer wrote this in one of his regular articles for the glossy […]

Biden’s ‘Rolling Calamities’ Aren’t His Fault?

June 4, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ As we march into June, the midterm prospects for the Democrats look very bleak. President Biden’s approval ratings are often under 40 percent, below Donald Trump’s numbers at this point, when the TV soothsayers were always predicting “the walls were closing in” on Trump. His presidency would surely self-destruct in five […]

AP Laments GOP POUNCING On Biden Over Baby Formula Shortages

May 16, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ John Hinderaker at Power Line wrote “You can tell the Biden administration has badly bungled the infant formula situation when the best their shills at the Associated Press can do is play the ‘Republicans pounce’ card.” Reporter Paul J. Weber penned a defensive story headlined “GOP’s new midterm attack: Blaming Biden for formula shortage.” […]

Liberals Hail Psaki as ‘One of the Best Press Secretaries Ever’

May 14, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The liberal-media tributes are already pouring in for departing White House press secretary Jen Psaki. At — parent organization of PolitiFact — Tom Jones gushed over her legacy as “One of the best press secretaries ever.” Brian Stelter touted the article in his Reliable Sources newsletter: “Psaki has restored honor, […]

The Unintentionally Hilarious Anti-Tucker Carlson Term Paper

May 5, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The New York Times has been alarmed by the existence of the Fox News Channel since it debuted in 1996. It developed a special fear and loathing of Bill O’Reilly when he hosted the top show in cable news, and now the paper is at it again, attacking Tucker Carlson. On […]

Are You High? CNN’s New Boss Implies CNN Isn’t An ‘Advocacy Network’ Like Fox, MSNBC

April 29, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Mediaite summarized new CNN boss David Zaslav’s earnings call with investors on Tuesday in this headline: David Zaslav Tells Investors CNN’s New Mission Will Be ‘Journalism First’ While Jabbing at ‘Advocacy Networks’ Is he high? Is he somehow unaware of CNN’s last five years of bomb-throwing anchorman lectures and editorializing “Reality […]

Washington Post Warns Elon Musk Tweets Can ‘Unleash Mobs’ Online – ‘Including Racist Ones’

April 28, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ One of the ways the liberal media will throw mud at new Twitter owner Elon Musk is to accuse him of endangering people with his free speech. Beware the right-wing mobs! Early on Wednesday, The Washington Post dropped this attack: Elon Musk boosts criticism of Twitter executives, prompting online attacks The […]

Superhero Obama Fights ‘Online Lies’?

April 23, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The New York Times sounded a little giddy on the front page of its Business section April 21 with the headline “Obama Joins Fight to Curb Online Lies.” This spin strongly suggests Obama never lies. He’s a valiant warrior against lies. That came after a badly disguised press release at […]

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Gets Roasted On Twitter For Cynical Defense Of Feinstein

April 17, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ On Thursday, Eric Ting at reported MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell created controversy on Twitter for coming to the defense of Sen. Dianne Feinstein after the San Francisco Chronicle reported four senators anonymously said she was suffering from mental problems on the job. O’Donnell, who served Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan as […]

The Unanimously Liberal Tilt Of The ‘Fact Checkers’

April 1, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Now that the Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings are complete, we have collected another fascinating exhibit of the leftist tilt of “independent fact checkers.” Just try and find a single fact check on anything Judge Jackson said. Try and find a single evaluation of any statement by a Democratic politician touting Jackson […]

PolitiFact Double-Blasts GOP Senator Blackburn As ‘False’ In Defense Of Ketanji

March 24, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ The Democrat-backing “fact checkers” of PolitiFact jumped to the defense of Ketanji Brown Jackson by slapping conservative Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee with two negative verdicts on Tuesday. First, Tom Kertscher rated Blackburn “False” and in a headline said she was “wrong” on Jackson’s citation of critical race theory in sentencing. […]

Allergic To The ‘So-Called Freedom Convoy’ In Canada

February 25, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Something caught my ear in the car, listening to a radio simulcast of the February 21 PBS NewsHour. Anchor Judy Woodruff drily reported that “Canadian police have arrested more than 190 protesters and issued 389 charges in connection with the so-called Freedom Convoy.” The “so-called Freedom Convoy.” It’s a journalistic term that […]