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Nat Geo Is Producing A Birth Control Doc

April 20, 2017 by


By Sarah Stites ~ National Geographic is delving into hot-button social issues for a second time this year with its announcement of a new drama “The Birth of the Pill.” According to an exclusive statement released to The Hollywood Reporter, the documentary will follow a group of four activists who “took on the scientific establishment, […]

Hollywood Gets Political Before The Oscars Begin

February 27, 2017 by


By Sarah Stites ~ Michael Moore predicted that political Oscars speeches would be well received this year. But before the spiels even got under way, stars were making a statement on the red carpet. Dakota Johnson and “La La Land” Oscar nominee Emma Stone both wore Planned Parenthood pins, while Ruth Negga, Barry Jenkins and Lin-Manuel Miranda wore […]

Entertainers Lambast Trump’s Press Conference, Prep For ‘Doomsday’

February 17, 2017 by


By Sarah Stites ~ On February 16, President Trump conducted his first solo press conference since the inauguration. Predictably, the Twittersphere erupted with liberal attacks on the president. The “presser” was certainly unconventional, but the response was worse, with comments about “doomsday” and questions about Trump’s sanity. Ellen show producer, Andy Lassner, took home the […]

These Liberal Celebs Risked Jeers To Urge ‘Embracing’ Trump

February 16, 2017 by


By Sarah Stites ~ After the election, many liberal celebrities cried “Resist!” Yet, a few brave ones called “embrace.” Despite Hollywood’s overwhelming anti-Trump bias, several stars have urged accepting President Trump and moving forward. But they haven’t done so without getting flack from fans in return. On February 10, singer Lindsay Lohan gave a surprising […]

Apocalypse Now! Media Predict 10 Looming Disasters Under Trump

December 28, 2016 by


By Sarah Stites ~ 1. Obamacare Will Disappear (Before Election Day) According The View’s Whoopi Goldberg, people are already losing Obamacare coverage because of Trump. Yes folks, President-elect Trump. “People are starting to get those e-mails and letters saying oh, by the way we’re not going to be taking care of this anymore, because we […]

Chelsea Handler Rips White Female Trump Voters For ‘Self-Mutilation’

December 17, 2016 by


By Sarah Stites ~ Comedian Chelsea Handler, an advocate for “women supporting women,” is at it again – criticizing the great culprits behind Donald Trump’s victory. (White women, of course.) In an essay penned for Arianna Huffington’s new health site, Thrive Global, Handler attacked those who take their rights for granted and bow to their […]

Hollywood Channels Resignation, Revenge: ‘Revolution Is Coming’

November 9, 2016 by


By Sarah Stites ~ By midnight, things were not looking good in the Clinton camp. After their earlier expressions of panic and disbelief, many stars seemed to resign themselves to the probable outcome of a Trump presidency. Actress Mia Farrow called the result with the pointed tweet: “A racist President.” Seemingly assuming such an outcome, […]