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Liberal Billionaires Are Never Villains

October 18, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ Charles Pierce, the resident radical-left political pundit at Esquire magazine – that intellectual powerhouse best known for its “Sexiest Woman Alive” award  – is lamenting the role of Steve Bannon in electing President Trump, as well as Trump financial backers “Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the reactionary New York […]

Hollywood Moralists Exposed As Hypocrites

October 15, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ On February 27, 2016, the entertainment industry gave the Oscar for Best Picture to “Spotlight,” a fictionalized version of the Boston Globe’s reporting of sexual abuse and coverup in the Catholic Church in Boston. The self-congratulation looks amazing now, after the exposure of decades of harassment and perhaps […]

The Inevitable Bias Avalanche In Las Vegas

October 4, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ “The deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.” That was the summary of the horrific end to the country music festival on the Las Vegas strip, with 59 people killed (as we file this) and more than 500 injured. The early network reports were all news….and everyone knew […]

Critics Hate Military Shows In Prime Time

October 1, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ The fall premieres have begun on prime-time TV, and just when you thought we couldn’t sink lower into the cesspool, there are new “milestones” for the liberal cultural commissars to honor. The Daily Beast reported with great pride that the Amazon show Transparent will have TV’s first transgender […]

An Overwrought Hatefest At The Emmy Awards

September 24, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ The latest telecast of the Emmy awards on CBS drew the lowest audience ever, 11.4 million, and that is no surprise. This show could not have been more predictable — quickly devolving into a boorish hours-long festival of Trump-bashing and Hillary-mourning. Awards shows used to be blockbusters for […]

Cheers For Your First Abortion?

September 10, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ The first requirement for a feminist is to be shameless about abortion. In the wake of the videos exposing the horrific Planned Parenthood racket in dead-baby body parts, a gaggle of feminists created a social-media campaign called “Shout Your Abortion,” with the aim of dispelling all “sadness, shame […]

ESPN’s Robert Lee Belly Flop

August 27, 2017 by


By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~ ESPN has been working hard for several years to establish itself as just another sermonizing member of the liberal media, most audaciously in hailing “Kaitlyn” Jenner with a “Courage” award in 2015 for facing down such tortures as the disrespectful use of “incorrect pronouns.” Soldiers who lost their […]