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‘Our Shared Values’?

November 4, 2015 by


Obama’s Twisted Interpretation of “American Values” By Mark Alexander ~ “Every consideration that can influence the human mind, such as honor, oaths, reputation, conscience, the love of country, and family affections and attachments, afford security for their fidelity.” —John Jay in Federalist No. 64, 1788 Barack Obama often makes reference to “our values,” “shared values,” […]

The People Versus the Government

August 1, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba These are truly extraordinary times. With every passing day, we are witnessing what can only be called the People versus the Government. The distrust and disdain Americans of all political persuasions feel toward the White House and Congress is extraordinary. A June Gallup Poll revealed that just 12% of Americans expressed confidence […]

Who Am I ?

November 2, 2008 by


Who Am I ? I’m intelligent. I’m gifted. I’m charismatic. I’m an eloquent speaker. I’m skillful and driven. I’m fair. I’m benevolent. I’m a politician. I’m seeking the highest office in the land. I come from humble beginnings. I represent the working class. I speak for the average citizen. I care about you. I know […]