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It’s 50 Years Since The Six Day War Began

June 5, 2017 by


Breakfast will never be the same again! By Anton Lang ~ Fifty years ago this morning, on the 5th June 1967 at 7.45AM, what is now known as The Six Day War began, when the relatively tiny and hopelessly outnumbered Nation of Israel fought against the combined might of five major ‘Arab’ Countries, who were […]

The Six Day War (Part 2)

August 8, 2008 by


BREAKFAST WILL NEVER BE THE SAME What I mentioned in the previous post has relevance back to the Six Day War on a couple of fronts, and my time in 76 Squadron was what aroused my interest back to that time five and a half years earlier. Being a fighter squadron, there was the need […]

The Six Day War (Part 1)

August 7, 2008 by


We’ve all heard about the famed ‘Six Day War’, when the tiny nation of Israel took on the might of the surrounding nations aligned against them. It is absolutely inconceivable that such a tiny nation could be so stupid as to do something like this, when those surrounding Countries had numerical superiority in numbers vastly […]