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Nuclear Electrical Power Generation – Why The Fuss? – Introduction

October 19, 2010 by


UPDATE 2012.  This series is now more than three years old, and while nearly all the information is generic and still current, what is not current is the Post dealing with costings. This Post was based around information available at the time, almost four years old now, and that information changes quite regularly, so constantly […]

What Future For Kyoto

May 11, 2010 by


Twenty seven months ago, I started a series on the implications of The Kyoto Protocol. What I hoped to do was to explain that if you believed in (Man Made) Global Warming, and hoped that this Protocol would provide the answer, then your belief in that had consequences. Right from that first post, I stated […]

The Melting Of American Sovereignty At ‘Hopenhagen’

February 27, 2010 by


By Adam Raezler Delegates and heads of state from 193 free and sovereign nations gathered in Copenhagen this past December with the hopes of agreeing on a binding international agreement to combat global climate change. Before Copenhagen, two similar international conferences were held with the purpose of addressing global climate change. Both, with the most […]

Mislead (Again) On Cap And Trade

February 4, 2010 by


Electrical Engineers everywhere must be tearing their hair out in frustration. The Carbon Cap and Trade legislation is specifically designed as a revenue raising device alone, and is not designed for the purposes of lowering Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. That’s a pretty bold thing to say, I can see, and requires some explanation, which is […]

Renewable Power – Clean And Green – Well, Not Really

December 28, 2009 by


The last part of that title should really read Not At All. Let’s pretend for a minute that in this current trend of going clean and green that a medium to large sized city in the U.S. wants to cut back on its Carbon Dioxide (CO2) greenhouse gas emissions by closing down the large coal […]

Climate Change After Copenhagen – What Happens Next?

December 24, 2009 by


HOW TEN WORDS WRITTEN IN 1997 KILLED OFF COPENHAGEN. No matter what the spin might ever hope to achieve, Copenhagen was a huge flop. Because major World leaders actually did show up, they had to try and come away with something positive, so these people wouldn’t be absolutely humiliated, which, if the truth is to […]

Copenhagen – Money And Power

December 14, 2009 by


WHY DID SO MANY DEVELOPING COUNTRIES WALK AWAY FROM THE COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE AND WHY IS THE ORIGINAL KYOTO PROTOCOL SO IMPORTANT? During the election campaign, then Senator Obama never came out and directly said that he would be ratifying the Kyoto protocol of 1997, but the suggestion from reading between the lines was that this […]

Copenhagen – An Exercise In Futility

November 30, 2009 by


PERHAPS AN ALTERNATE TITLE MIGHT READ – COPENHAGEN – DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MONEY. In seven days from now, this United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will get under way in Copenhagen. We are told that this is the most important meeting in recent history, and is needed to address the Climate […]

Global Warming Fraud: Somebody Needs To Go To Jail

November 24, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba The revelations that scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) doctored the data supporting the global warming claims of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) means that EVERYTHING attributed to or based upon “global warming” is invalid. It means the Kyoto Climate Protocols that nations […]

Climategate – How Did Climate Change Come To This?

November 24, 2009 by


This was never about the environment. It was just about the money, and nobody even bothered to check one of the most important things at the root of the whole debate. My Father in Law just loved his garden. In the 6 years before he passed away, his advancing years made it difficult for him […]

That Bogus Per Capita CO2 Emissions Comparison Again Raises Its Ugly Head

November 20, 2009 by


21 months ago, I contributed my first post to this site. I was pretty sure that subject I chose would tap out after a few posts, but now, nearly 600 posts later, I can still contribute posts about this subject without the subject going stale. The reason is that there is just so much to […]

Florida’s New Solar Power Plant

November 16, 2009 by


Not long after President Obama took office, he made the bold statement that he wanted to double the generation of renewable power during his first term. It seems a fairly comfortable thing to say, because, starting from so low a base, then doubling that might actually seem achievable. However, the reality is that these plants […]

The Future For Electrical Power After Waxman Markey And Kerry Boxer (Part 4)

November 5, 2009 by


PART FOUR OF FOUR PARTS The image at left is the current chart for electrical power consumption for the U.S. The chart is from the huge Government site at the Energy Information Administration. This chart is from the October Quarter Report and is for the previous 3 months. Click on the image to open it […]

The Future For Electrical Power After Waxman Markey And Kerry Boxer (Part 3)

November 4, 2009 by


PART THREE OF FOUR PARTS In the earlier 2 posts, I showed how the 2 Bills before Congress, the Waxman Markey Bill, and the Kerry Boxer Bill have the specific aim not to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions, but just to impose a new tax on those emissions. Yesterday I showed how this tax, even though […]

The Future For Electrical Power After Waxman Markey And Kerry Boxer (Part 2)

November 3, 2009 by


PART TWO OF FOUR PARTS In the first post of this series, I mentioned how these two Bills currently before the Congress are nothing more than a huge new tax, mainly on electrical power, which has become a staple of everyday life. We are told that the intent of the Bills is to reduce the […]

The Future For Electrical Power After Waxman Markey And Kerry Boxer (Part 1)

November 2, 2009 by


PART ONE OF FOUR PARTS   This post started out as a small single post on a specific subject, but as is always the case with my posts, further research always seems to be required, and that sometimes throws up something else, which, rather than just allude to, I actually prefer to explain, and in […]

Wind Power – Epic Fail – Update

October 28, 2009 by


This post updates the post from yesterday, that post at this link. I wanted to include this in yesterday’s post on this same subject, but to give it the correct explanation, it really requires a post all of it’s own. In that post I explained how in Germany, the whole inventory of every wind tower […]

Wind Power – Epic Fail

October 27, 2009 by


The image at left is a single wind tower. I have included it for perspective. Click on the image to open it in a new and larger window. The perspective is of size, and that is a Toyota  Land Cruiser Troop Carrier parked by the base of the tower. If this does not scare you, […]

The Fast Approaching Coal Fired Power Nightmare (Part Two)

October 23, 2009 by


PART TWO OF TWO PARTS THE DREAM NIGHTMARE OF CLEAN COAL There are three images as part of this post. They are all diagrams and are freely available. I have included them to show how simplified the process has been reduced to. With each image, if you click on that image, it will open in […]

Using “Global Warming” To Steal Your Rights

October 23, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba By now, anyone paying any attention whatever to the weather has begun to notice that it is getting colder earlier in the U.S. and that this is occurring around the world. On, Robert W. Felix, the author of “Not by Fire, but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”, reports […]

The Fast Approaching Coal Fired Power Nightmare (Part One)

October 22, 2009 by


PART ONE OF TWO PARTS IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK. This chart is from the U.S. Government’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) website. Click on the image to open it in a new and larger window. In these days of being told that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal fired power plants are what is causing […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Another Update

October 20, 2009 by


Two weeks ago, I posted a three part series on why these talks will essentially fail, no matter what spin comes from the washup of  this meeting in Copenhagen, a meeting we are told in frightening terms that a positive result is essential if we are to save the Planet we live upon. Watch this […]

If Even Rudd Can’t Do As He Preaches…

October 16, 2009 by


By Andrew Bolt TonyfromOz prefaces ….. This highlights the hypocrisy of this whole supposedly environmental debate. It is now being used for solely political purposes. The same will apply at Copenhagen. 192 Countries, each with large delegations and hangers on will fly in (and out) spending 11 days in conference and a couple of days […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Update

October 15, 2009 by


Last week I posted a short series of three posts on why these Climate Change talks will fail. In part three, I painted a scenario of what the situation might look like if China, and by extrapolation, India and the rest of the Developing World actually had some parity with those of us already in […]