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Evidence Grows That Coronavirus Was Man-Made: The Bat Virus It “Evolved” From Appears To Be Faked

May 18, 2020 by


By JoNova ~ The claims that the current pandemic Coronavirus is natural all rely on it being 96% closely related to a natural bat virus known as the RaTG13 virus. But new analysis suggests this “natural” virus only exists as a fake creation on a Chinese computer. The implications of this type of work will […]

On Cue — After Droughts And Fires, Then Come The Floods

February 10, 2020 by


From the team at CFACT ~ By Joanne Nova ~ So much for the “hotter drier” Australian future they were warning us about 3 weeks ago. As predicted, droughts in Australia often end in floods. It is the way it has always been. Today people are already being rescued from the rising water and possibly […]

CoronaVirus Hope: First Sign Of A Slow Down

February 8, 2020 by


From the team at CFACT ~ By Joanne Nova ~ Infected 31,526         Deaths 638         Recovered 1,764         John Hopkins CSSE Assuming that these official statistics from China bear a faint connection to reality (in trend, if not number) this may be a sign that the draconian quarantine is starting to […]

Jo Nova’s Amazing Australian Fire Coverage

January 22, 2020 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Many skeptics have written about the Australian bush fires, but science writer and blogger Jo Nova (pictured) has done something truly remarkable. She has done a running in-depth analysis of both fires and the absurd climate claims made by the alarmists. With 15 fact filled blog posts to date and […]

Australia Votes 2019: Shock! Climate Action Bombs. Pollsters Crash. Skeptics Win

May 19, 2019 by


From the team at CFACT ~ This is a guest post about the Federal election in Australia held yesterday, and it is from the award winning Australian blogger Joanne Nova. By Joanne Nova ~ Against all the polls, the money, advertising, and the non-stop media coverage, against all expectations and the betting agencies — the […]

Climate Change Australia – US Donors Funding Activists To Shut Down Australian Mines, Ports And Rail, Approved By Hillary’s Right-Hand Man?

October 24, 2016 by


By JoNova ~ The Australian has been busy exposing how the supposedly grassroots anti-coal groups in Australia are being funded by the US and with the full knowledge and approval of John Podesta who used to be a special counselor to Barack Obama and is now Hillary’s campaign chairman. Info thanks to Wikileaks. Restrictions needed […]

Climate Change Australia – Did A Switch In Gauges Cause Melbourne’s Temperature “Rise”?

September 30, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Jo Nova: Here’s a strange change. After 160 years of fairly constant maximum temperatures, the raw Melbourne records take a sudden step up by 0.7 0C in 1996. Coincidentally (or not) that is the same year that the automatic gauge was installed. The new electronic equipment is much more responsive to […]

Newton, Einstein, Watson And Crick, Were Not Peer Reviewed

May 27, 2014 by


By JoNova ~ Peer review by anonymous unpaid reviewers is not a part of the Scientific Method. Once upon a time the fate of a scientific paper was dependent on an Editor whose reputation depended on making sound decisions about what to publish. Modern science shifted responsibility from a single identifiable editor to an anonymous […]

Global Warming Scientist Says That 15 Years Of “Warming Stagnation” Is “No Longer Consistent” With Models

August 15, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The link here in Andrew’s article takes you to a more in depth explanation of this story at the JoNova site at the following link…..TonyfromOz Climate Models Cannot Explain Why Global Warming Has Slowed Hans von Storch is a leading global warming scientist and an IPCC author. So the admission is […]

Trading In Air To Make No Difference To The Temperature

July 31, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Here, Andrew summarises the article from Joanne Nova, an article published today in the main Australian national news outlet The Australian, reproduced in its National Affairs section. The link Andrew provides here with his Post is to that article. The article just includes a small introduction and the rest of the […]

Upgrade Coal Fired Power And Cut 15% Of Emissions – Where Is The Green Applause?

April 5, 2013 by


While this is the only site where I am contribute all my Posts, I also occasionally submit Guest Posts at another site, the Australian JoNova site, with her kind permission. The following was a recent Guest Post. JoNova runs an immensely popular site, and she has a virtual Open commenting policy, with only light moderation […]

Climate Science – What You Are Not Being Told – With Videos – With UPDATE

April 30, 2012 by


UPDATE These original three Videos are from Doctor David Evans. Joanne Nova has recently added a Video of her own, and I have added this to the list of videos shown here. In this video, Joanne explains The Other Side Of Climate and how the Science is being corrupted by vested interests with their own […]

Climategate 2

November 23, 2011 by


By Andrew Bolt The first link here is to Joanne Nova’s site JoNova, which broke this story here in Australia…..TonyfromOz. New Climategate emails have been leaked. Watts Up With That has plenty. I’m late for my radio gig, so wlll read and assess later. (Go here for the files.) UPDATE They are real, and expose […]

Will Warmists Face Justice for their Deceptions?

October 9, 2011 by


By Alan Caruba When you murder someone the case is never closed. The same holds when you murder the truth. No matter how long it takes, truth is defended despite all the calumnies heaped on those who stand firm against the lies and the propaganda intended to persuade those who have been deceived. Ultimately, truth is its own […]

Time To Fund Some Sceptics, Too

July 30, 2011 by


By Andrew Bolt The article that Andrew links to here marks a significant point in this Climate Change Debate. The article was published in one of the major Australia wide daily newspapers The Australian. It is one of the few times that an article that goes against the current thinking has been published in a […]