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Putting a Cap on Heat Hysteria

July 20, 2019 by


Joe Bastardi  ~    It’s summer, it’s hot, and the climate-change agenda is turning up the heat on the weaponization of weather. So I thought some perspective may be in order. No question the last three Julys have been warmer than average for a large area of the nation. But for perspective, the three Julys […]

Video: Should Bill Nye Be That Upset?

May 16, 2019 by


Joe Bastardi talks about Nye’s profane eruption warning about climate change. ~ Media Editors  ~ Read and View more informative articles and videos at The Patriot Post

A Few Comments on AOC’s Climate Blame Game

April 14, 2019 by


Joe Bastardi  ~   Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obviously hadn’t seen real climate data when she tweeted this: There has been little change in temperatures over the last few decades in the areas from which migrant caravans are originating. And only Costa Rica has been below average in terms of rain— hardly a cause for mass […]

Climate Adversely Affecting Humans? The Facts Show Otherwise

March 23, 2019 by


Joe Bastardi  ~   This is the third part of a trilogy intended to get readers to examine more deeply the climate debate. I always tell people they should go look for themselves. I do not expect any person to blindly accept what they are told, and that applies to me also. I do ask […]

Perspective Needed in Climate Debate

March 9, 2019 by


Joe Bastardi  ~      I went to school with a lot of great forecasters. One of them was Scott Chesner, who is an on-air meteorologist in Tyler, Texas. Scott tweeted something this week that I thought was quite profound regarding the current generation’s “consensus” on climate: “One problem with global warming hysteria is ‘perspective.’ […]