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Feds Dismissing Deportation Cases

August 26, 2010 by


HOUSTON (SR) -The Department of Homeland Security is suddenly moving to dismiss thousands of deportation cases against suspected illegal immigrants in Houston. Richard Rocha, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman, said Tuesday that the action is part of the agency’s broader, nationwide strategy to “prioritize” the deportations of future Democrat voters illegal immigrants. Opponents to […]

SCOTUS Agrees With U S Constitution 2nd Amendment + More

June 30, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Chronicle The Foundation “”The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic.” –Justice Joseph Story Supreme Court Upholds Second Amendment Rights The United States Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling Monday that the Second Amendment does, in fact, […]

In the Event of a WMD Attack – Holder and Napolitano FAIL! + More

June 14, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Brief The Foundation “Let us recollect that peace or war will not always be left to our option; that however moderate or unambitious we may be, we cannot count upon the moderation, or hope to extinguish the ambition of others.” –Alexander Hamilton For the Record “The most important overlooked story of the […]

Curtains for Specter + More

May 21, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Digest The Foundation “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in […]

Fans Can Feel Safe At Super Bowl XLIV

February 3, 2010 by


If I were attending Super Bowl XLIV, I’d feel security measures the NFL has taken, in spite of a nerve-racking statement from someone who, thank goodness, has no affiliation with the NFL, yet pretends to know something about security. I think that NFL vice-president of security Milt Ahlerich, will do a fine job. Ahlerich had this […]

Do The Benefits Of Jihadist Training Camps In America Outweigh The Risks?

October 16, 2009 by


One of our recent articles regarding jihadist training camps here in America stirred up quite a controversy between two individuals who both claim to have been members of America’s intelligence community. One commenter appeared to be trying to make the case that it is better to leave them in place, because the intelligence to be […]

The Department Of Homeland Security Finally Catches Up With The Freedom Medium

October 13, 2009 by


Janet Napolitano and her crew at the Department Of Homeland Security finally found us. She must have stumbled across us, read some of our commentary, watched the Fox News videos, and started to become aware of what we have been talking about for months. And we don’t mind her taking credit for our hard work, we […]

DHS Is Not Invited To Terrorist Convention In Obama’s Hometown

July 21, 2009 by


Recently, nearly 500 members of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir held a convention in a Chicago-area Hilton Hotel. Although not officially recognized as a terrorist organization by the State Department, many terrorism experts, one example of which is shown in the video appearing a little later in this article, consider them to be more of a threat to America’s […]

The Wheels Are Starting To Come Off Of The HOPE And CHANGE Bus

July 7, 2009 by


Yesterday, I submitted  my opinion that the Spirit of ’76 is not dead, where I pointed out that it appears that small-town America is growing weary, perhaps resentful, of President Obama and his Socialist policies. That in and of itself is enough to boost the spirits of a patriotic American like myself. Then I learned […]

Janet Napolitano, Deciphered

April 29, 2009 by


by Turtle Janet Napolitano. The name sends chills down the backs of freedom-loving Americans across the nation. Her semantics are becoming quite comical. In case you haven’t been keeping up with it, Nappy seems to think that illegal aliens aren’t criminals and that terrorist actions are only “man made disasters.” With that in mind, it’s […]

The CIA’s Aquatic Sports Program and Obama’s Real Agenda

April 24, 2009 by


From The Patriot Post Friday Digest – Vol. 09 No. 16 THE FOUNDATION “If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free … it expects what never was and never will be.” –Thomas Jefferson PATRIOT PERSPECTIVE The CIA’s Aquatic Sports Program and Obama’s Real Agenda By Mark Alexander Leon Panetta was certainly not appointed […]

How to Mess With DHS

April 18, 2009 by


Due to the news that there are potential “radical … extremists” living in America, I think we all know one person who would fit the description of a terrorist, and we need to report this person to the Department of Homeland Security immediately. We each need to call DHS at 1-866-347-2423 to report the anti-American […]