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Did Trump Really Beat ISIS? Here Are The Facts.

February 1, 2018 by


By Robin Simcox ~ “We’re gonna beat ISIS very, very quickly, folks. It’s gonna be fast. I have a great plan. It’s going to be great. They ask, ‘What is it?’ Well, I’d rather not say.” Donald Trump made this pledge to supporters in Connecticut in April 2016. At the time, it seemed unlikely he would ever […]

We Didn’t Beat ISIS, It’s Here

November 2, 2017 by


By Daniel Greenfield ~ ISIS has been beaten. It’s been forced out of city after city. Its fighters are dying or have run away. Its resources are exhausted. It’s over. And yet once again, there’s blood on the pavement and screams filling the air of a Western city. And the note in the bloodied truck […]

Confronting The Current Middle East Alignment

July 10, 2017 by


By Retired Adm. James A. Lyons ~ With the imminent defeat of the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq and in Raqqa, its declared capital in Syria, one of the Trump administration’s key objectives is about to be achieved. With the collapse of the Islamic State as a functioning entity, however, there are clearly new dynamics coming into play which […]

Islamic State Comes To The Philippines

June 20, 2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Peter Hartcher on jihad in the Philippines: What if the butchers of so-called Islamic State set up a branch of their barbarian “caliphate” in South East Asia with the aim of waging their vicious jihad throughout the region? Too late. They already have. Declaring themselves to be “Islamic State – Eastern […]

Military ‘Win’ In Mosul Only The Start

April 4, 2017 by


By Dr. Peter Brookes ~ Iraq must overcome ISIS terror, sectarian divides The progress seen in the pitched battle between Iraqi troops (supported by U.S. forces) and ISIS for control of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul may seem like the light at the end of the dark Islamic State tunnel. But that hopeful glimmer […]

Why Hasn’t ISIS Blown Up Rome?

August 22, 2016 by


By Dr. Michael Ledeen ~ At lunch the other day, a smart man asked me how come there hadn’t been terrorism in Italy, even though Islamic State keeps promising to attack the Vatican. You’ve undoubtedly been asking yourself the same question, so I’m going to give you the answers.  Answers, plural, because hardly anything happens […]

Broadcasting Reform Is Urgently Needed To Fight ISIS

March 1, 2016 by


By Helle Dale ~ The U.S. government desperately needs new and better tools to fight the information war against the Islamic State (ISIS) and other terrorist networks. One such new tool, The United States International Communications Reform Act (H.R. 2323), which was passed last May by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, remains in waiting mode and […]

Fear Grows As Islamic State Spreads: Terror Network Digs In Deep In Afghanistan, Libya

February 6, 2016 by


By Dr. Peter Brookes ~ As if they didn’t have enough to deal with already, the Pentagon has a new problem to panic about: the rise of Islamic State (aka ISIS) affiliates in Afghanistan and Libya. While we’ve known that ISIS has been spreading beyond the Middle East, creating allies and claiming “provinces,” there has […]

Can The Left Learn To Love ISIS?

December 13, 2015 by


By Daniel Greenfield ~ The extremist group carved out territory for its utopian state through ruthless brutality and a steady flow of international recruits who arrived believing that the new terror state represented the fulfillment of their belief system. The world was horrified as the radicals who had seized towns and cities showed off severed […]

Obama’s War Is Going So Well He Suggests We Fight Harder

July 8, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Barack Obama says the war against the Islamic State is going pretty well: Altogether, ISIL has lost more than a quarter of the populated areas that it had seized in Iraq. In Syria, ISIL lost at Kobani…. In short, ISIL’s recent losses in both Syria and Iraq prove that ISIL can […]

Former Obama Official Asks: ‘Can Gay Marriage Defeat The Islamic State?’

July 1, 2015 by


By Tom Blumer ~ In a column at, a former Obama administration defense official who “served as a counselor to the U.S. defense undersecretary for policy from 2009 to 2011” has asked: “Can Gay Marriage Defeat the Islamic State?” Rosa Brooks, (pictured) who “is a law professor at Georgetown University,” is serious. Her earnestness and deep ignorance […]

The U.S. Must Fight Or Iraq Will Fall

May 28, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Former CIA officer Kevin Carroll is right. Baghdad could fall, with catastrophic results, unless the US starts to fight a real war. For instance: Use strategic air power America’s unrivalled air forces can hit Islamic State from anywhere: neighbouring countries, the sea and the continental US. Yet the sorties flown so […]

The Unbearable Lightness Of Obama’s Anti-Terror Policies

April 21, 2015 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ When it comes to battling those who want us dead, Obama’s approach echoes that old saying among Soviet laborers: “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.” There is a pretend quality to Obama’s stance on radical Islamic terrorism. It starts with his refusal to utter that phrase, preferring […]

The Virus Of Islam: Can It Be Cured?

April 10, 2015 by


By Amil Imani ~ Risking the violation of political correctness, decades of closely and carefully studying Islam, has led me to the following observation: Islam is a socio-cultural viral disease that invades any vulnerable host with its malignancy, while simultaneously devouring its own adherents. In other words, Islam is like a deadly, contagious disease. Once […]

Teaching Our Young Australian Muslims A Lethal Victimhood

March 26, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ If this is the “moderate” message, we must again ask whether we can afford to increase the Muslim minority in this country: The principal of Victoria’s largest Islamic school tells students not to join Islamic State because it is a plot by Western countries. Al-Taqwa College principal Omar Hallak told The […]

Is The Fascist Wing Of Islam Taking Islam Over A Cliff?

March 17, 2015 by


By Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman ~ “Not in My Name” said an unhappy French Muslim holding up a sign in a demonstration in Paris in response to the murders in the Charlie Hebdo journal office and the Jewish market. “Islam is a Religion of Peace!” protested American basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on “Meet The Press.  “It’s […]

A Three Year War Is Too Long

March 13, 2015 by


By William R. Hawkins ~ Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter supposedly showed “independence” from President Barack Obama last week (March 4) when he testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. He expressed concern over the three-year “sunset” provision in the administration’s proposed joint resolution to authorize the use of force against ISIL (Islamic State […]

Multicultural Follies

February 13, 2015 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ “Nothing to do with Islam.” That’s what our political leaders keep telling us when radical Muslims enslave, rape, crucify, behead, and otherwise slaughter people by the thousands all over the world. It has nothing to do with Islam. Teaching in public school a few years ago, I showed students pictures of […]

The Arab Armies

February 9, 2015 by


By Alan Caruba ~ The ongoing Syrian conflict, the fall of the Yemeni government, the burning of the Jordanian pilot, and other events make one wonder why even those Arab nations with significant military capabilities tend not to use them against a common enemy. The attacks on ISIS by the Jordanian air force have been […]

Obama Yawns At Evil

February 7, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Mark Steyn on the banality of Obama’s response to evil: On Tuesday the Islamic State released a 22-minute video showing Flight Lieutenant Muath al-Kasasbeh of the Royal Jordanian Air Force being doused in petrol and burned to death. It is an horrific way to die, and Flt Lt al-Kasasbeh showed uncommon […]

Jihad Advances As Freedom Retreats

January 28, 2015 by


By Deroy Murdock ~ ‘The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground,” Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1788. Changing just one word of this eternal truth renders it even more urgent: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and militant Islam to gain ground.” From virtually every direction, […]

Special Operations Chief Does Not Understand ISIS

January 3, 2015 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ Major General Michael K. Nagata is commander of U.S. Special Operations forces in the Middle East and is in charge of a Pentagon mission that will train and equip Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State (IS) or the […]

ISIS Threatens Europe’s Jews

December 8, 2014 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ The Story: Don’t want to come to the Middle East? Stay in Europe and “kill Jews,” says ISIS to aspiring Islamic terrorists “In an article about a Muslim female teenager from the French town of Bethoncourt who disappeared in October, and was later discovered to have traveled to Syria via […]

There Is No “Moral Equivalency” In The Jerusalem Synagogue Attacks

November 20, 2014 by


By LTC Allen West (U.S. Army Ret) ~ Peace in the Middle East will come when the two parties involved both seek peace – not when one must constantly defend itself against terrorist attacks. Since the original two-state solution was first floated in the 1930’s, one side has never found it acceptable and has embarked upon […]