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Forget The ‘Progressive’ Promise Of Free Care For All When It Comes To Government-Controlled Health Care

December 19, 2020 by


By Robert Moffit ~ Be prepared for delays and denials of medical care, if self-styled “progressives” in Congress abolish all private health coverage and enact a federal government program of national health insurance, all in the name of “free care for all.” In a hefty 206-page report, the Congressional Budget Office posits five scenarios in estimating […]

Obamacare Must Be Repealed

July 17, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ While the issue of immigration is uppermost in people’s minds right now, it is likely at this point halfway through his second term that President Obama will be identified by historians most closely with his signature, namesake legislation, the Affordable Patient Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. They will do so […]

Obama’s State of the Union

February 13, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ The Foundation “For it is a truth which the experience of all ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger, when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.” –Alexander Hamilton NeoCom SOTU Address Last night, Barack […]

If I Were Dictator (Part 12)

June 30, 2011 by


By Marlin6 On 02/05/2008, I authored a post “Benevolent Dictators Make Good Government”. Examples are King David – Israel – (1010 BC –970 B.C.) in ancient times and General Douglas McArthur – Japan – (1945 –1947) in modern times. I started musing about what I would do if I were absolute dictator of the United […]

1. Know The Facts 2. Read The Bill 3. Vote

October 18, 2009 by


By Newt Gingrich at Family Security Matters As of Wednesday, October 14, there are some things we know, and some things we don’t know. We know that the most recent economic projections forecast 10.3 percent unemployment as of next June and 8.5 percent unemployment through 2013. And we know that cost increases to businesses and […]