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Alleged Surveillance Of Trump Team Fuels Debate Over Government Spying

March 24, 2017 by


By Josh Siegel ~ The chairman of the House intelligence committee said Wednesday that he has evidence suggesting intelligence agencies may have misused and spread information legally obtained through surveillance of President Donald Trump or those close to him as they communicated with foreigners after the election. The disclosure fed a debate over the government’s […]

Trump Surveillance: The Deep State Attempts A Head Fake

March 24, 2017 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ Let the diversions and parsing of words begin. Take note of this British non-denial denial because you will see the same species of obfuscation being regularly produced at the U.S. political-media fake news farm. On March 16, 2017 Fox News Channel judicial analyst Judge Andrew P. Napolitano wrote: “Sources have […]

Too Much Power In Washington

September 8, 2013 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ At a dinner party last week a friend said, “I’m going to say one word and I’d like you to answer in one word.” “Okay.” “Snowden.” I had to think for several seconds. “Ambivalence,” was my response. Edward J. Snowden shocked me with revelations of the extent to which government spies […]

Anti-NSA Campaign Could Lead To Another 9/11

July 23, 2013 by


By Cliff Kincaid ~ The first Assistant Secretary for Policy at the United States Department of Homeland Security warned Congress on Wednesday that “hyped and distorted press reports” about the NSA’s terrorist surveillance programs “may cause us-or other nations-to construct new restraints on our intelligence gathering, restraints that will leave us vulnerable to another security […]

Invading Our Privacy!

June 22, 2013 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Folks are outraged by the loss of “privacy”. Our governments, our phones, our computers, and, of course, all the swell free apps we download to our “devices” …are all snooping on us and delivering the “data” they collect back to their masters (whoever or whatever that is!) Read More by […]

No Constitution, No Borders, No USA

June 17, 2013 by


By Diana West ~ At what point does it become clear that we no longer inhabit America? When we “Press 2,” not “1,” for English? When a national Social Security Number syncs an electronic identity that the government hospital provided us at birth to track us till death? When borders are no more, but the […]