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The Data-Mining Body Monitors In Our Schools

May 31, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Like millions of other American parents, my husband and I received a warning letter from the BMI police last week. Our active, healthy eighth-grade daughter is “very lean,” according to her school-administered “Fitnessgram.” The national student-body monitors think that this is a public-health problem. The obesity report card lectured that because […]

How America Treats Illegal Aliens Versus Veterans

May 24, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ A government that fails to secure its borders is guilty of dereliction of duty. A government that fails to care for our men and women on the front lines is guilty of malpractice. A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted […]

Michelle Obama’s Control-Freak Lunch Program

May 22, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Look out, everyone: The nation’s school-lunch lady, Michelle Obama, is mad. With her federal nutrition program under fire across the country and now on Capitol Hill, Mrs. Obama put out a “forceful” call to arms this week to “health activists,” according to the Washington Post. She’s cracking the whip. Her orders […]

The VA’s Deadly Bureaucratic Drones

May 17, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ At least 40 American veterans are dead thanks to bureaucratic delays at Veterans Affairs clinics. But you wouldn’t know it from the bland and bloodless demeanor of VA Secretary General Eric Shinseki at a Senate hearing Thursday. He droned on like an apathetic office manager fielding complaints about the copier’s being […]

Good Riddance: Common Core Backlash Claims New Political Casualties

May 11, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ All politics is local. That means Republican politicians with national ambitions had better pay attention to what grassroots parents are saying and doing about the federal education racket known as Common Core. In bellwether Indiana this week, anti-Common Core activists won a pair of pivotal electoral victories against GOP governor Mike […]

Gosnell: The Movie Hollywood Won’t Make, But You Can

May 3, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Hannibal Lecter. Freddy Kreuger. Jason Voorhees. Charles Manson. Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy. Hollywood loves a homicidal monster. But what happens when an evil being exposes the monstrosities of malign government neglect and deadly ideology? Crickets. Tinseltown couldn’t conjure a bigger nightmare than true-life Philadelphia serial killer Kermit Gosnell. He preyed on […]

Obama’s Dirty Watchdogs

April 26, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ The Obama administration doesn’t have watchdogs. It has whitewash puppies. The president’s Chicago bullies have defanged true advocates for integrity in government in D.C. from day one. So the latest report by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Operations Committee on corruptocrat Charles K. Edwards, the former Department of Homeland Security […]

NBC’s Cognitive Dissonant Hack Syndrome

April 24, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ I’ve always thought entrenched left-wing journalists in Washington needed their heads examined. Much to my satisfaction, it appears the corporate media bosses of at least one Beltway anchor now agree. According to the Washington Post this week, NBC News hired a “psychological consultant” to examine why flailing Meet the Press moderator […]

The Meltdown Of The Obama Genderhawks

April 10, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ I have created a new species designation for female Democrats who play hypocritical gender politics on behalf of Barack Obama. They’re genderhawks. You remember the term “chickenhawk,” don’t you? During the Bush years, anti-war activists and journalists hurled the ad hominem epithet at anyone who supported military action against our enemies […]

Yes, Common Core Has Lobbyists

April 5, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Attention, class: A Common Core mouthpiece wants to rap my knuckles with his Gates Foundation-funded ruler. In response to my column two weeks ago about the marketing overlords pushing the Fed Ed racket, Chad Colby of Achieve Inc. demanded corrections. Let’s go to school. “I wanted to take a moment to […]

Dear Mr. Colbert: Me So Stupid. You So Funny!

April 3, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Question: Who are the most prominent public purveyors of Asian stereotypes and ethnic language-mocking in America? The right answer is liberal Hollywood and Democrats. The wrong and slanderous answer is conservatives, which is what liberal performance artist/illegal-alien-amnesty lobbyist Stephen Colbert (pictured at right) wants Americans to believe. Last week on his […]

A Whole Lotta Liberal Corruption Going On

March 29, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Has Nancy Pelosi seen a newspaper lately? (Pro tip, hon: As with the Obamacare monstrosity, you have to read it to find out what’s in it.) I’d love to see her face in the wake of the veritable epidemic of Democratic corruption now sweeping the country. Pelosi’s blink count must be off the charts. […]

Revolt Against The Testing Tyrants

March 20, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Have you had enough of the testing tyranny? Join the club. To be clear: I’m not against all standardized academic tests. My kids excel on tests. The problem is that there are too damned many of these top-down assessments, measuring who knows what, using our children as guinea pigs and cash […]

My Message To Girls: Be Bossy!

March 17, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ A bunch of aggrieved women led by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg launched a high-profile “public service campaign” this week to “ban” the word “bossy.” Sandberg, Beyonce, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and first lady Michelle Obama have joined femme forces to combat this phantom menace. In their rarefied world, it’s a “very […]

My Family’s Misadventures With Obamacare, Continued

March 13, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Back in September, our family received an Obamacare-induced health insurance death notice. We joined millions of other Americans whose individual market health plans died after Democrats lied about our ability to keep the plans and doctors we liked. President Obama tried to “fix” the mess he created. But as usual, the […]

Why Parents Are “Paranoid” About Common Core

February 22, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ This week’s award for Biggest Common Core Jerk goes to Missouri GOP state legislator Mike Lair. Parents, teachers, and administrators who object to the government education-“standards” racket – which usurps local control, impedes academic achievement, and undermines family privacy – have politicians on the defensive. The only response these Fed Ed […]

Obama(S)care: Con Artists And Criminals In Charge

February 20, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Question: If Obamacare officials cannot prevent accused embezzlers from infiltrating their offices, how can they protect enrollees from grifters, con artists, and thieves in the federal health-insurance-exchange system? Here in my home state, a director of Connect for Health Colorado – the state-sponsored Obamacare health-insurance exchange – was just put on […]

Five Years Later: How’s That Wreckovery Working Out?

February 15, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ On Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama promised the sun and the moon and the stars. That was the day, five years ago, when he signed the $800 billion “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” President Modesty called it “the most sweeping economic recovery package in our history.” He promised “unprecedented transparency and […]

The Left’s Valentine To Defiant Jihad-Enabler Lynne Stewart

February 8, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Bleeding-heart progressives across the country are raising money for “an evening of music, song and sharing love for recently released People’s Lawyer Lynne Stewart.” Warm fuzzies for one of the world’s most notorious terrorist helpers? I can’t think of a more stomach-turning way to […]

The Obamacare Security Nightmare: It Gets Worse

February 6, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Fraudsters on the inside, hackers on the outside. Here we are, stuck in the middle with the security nightmare called Obamacare. Can it get any worse? Yes, it can. After the spectacular website crashes during last fall’s federal-health-insurance-exchange rollout, enrollees will soon wish the entire system had stayed down and dead. […]

School Choice And Common Core: Mortal Enemies

February 1, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ The freedom-enhancing, life-improving power of school choice is more than a theory for me. It’s more than a talking points memo or teleprompter speech. Unlike many of the politicians paying lip service to National School Choice Week this week, the issue of expanding educational opportunity and freedom for all is something […]

Lessons For Shove Guv Andrew Cuomo

January 23, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ Not so fast, Andrew Cuomo. We see what you did there. After publicly bashing conservative New Yorkers as “extreme” people who have no place in his state, the intolerant Democratic governor wants to blame the media for his unmistakable contempt for those who oppose abortion, support gun rights and defend traditional […]

John Kerry, Jihad Coddler

January 18, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ The myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist never dies. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest Obama administration official to peddle this odious narrative. Cue John Lennon’s cloying “Imagine,” don your plaid pajamas, and curl up with a warm cup of deadly naivete. While meeting with Catholic Church officials […]

Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone

January 16, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ This made my heart ache and my blood pressure spike: Actress Tamera Mowry,  who is black, wept in an interview with Oprah Winfrey over the vile bigotry she has encountered because of her marriage to Fox News reporter Adam Housley, who is white. Misogynist haters called Mowry (pictured with Adam Housley […]