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Obama Mulls Increased Involvement Against Islamic State + More – Daily Digest

October 27, 2015 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “Let us recollect that peace or war will not always be left to our option; that however moderate or unambitious we may be, we cannot count upon the moderation, or hope to extinguish the ambition of others.” —Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 34 TOP RIGHT HOOKS Obama Mulls Increased Involvement Against […]

U.S. Boots in the Air Not Enough to Stop ISIL Gains + More – Daily Digest

October 8, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “There is not in the whole science of politics a more solid or a more important maxim than this – that of all governments, those are the best, which, by the natural effect of their constitutions, are frequently renewed or drawn back to their first principles.” –James Wilson, Lectures on […]

Connecticut Legislators Get Schooled

March 25, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ The Foundation “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. … Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be […]

Joe’s Shotgun Advice  Humor

February 26, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ This Week’s Non Compos Mentis Award Winner: “If you want to protect yourself, get a double barrel shotgun, have the shells, a twelve gauge shotgun, and I promise you as I told my wife, we live in an area that’s wooded and somewhat secluded — I said if there is ever […]