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Invasion Of Europe Continues

July 16, 2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Illegal immigrants from the Third World continue to invade Europe. This is an invasion by people likely to form a resentful underclass. In June, there were more than 30 700 detections of illegal border crossings on the four main migratory routes into the EU. The total number of detections in the […]

Europe’s Amazing Vanishing Act

January 14, 2017 by


By Edward Cline ~ “Now you see it! Now you don’t!” the Super Star Magician recites the magic words, “Allahu Akbar!” (in lieu of “Presto!”). The Islamic magician, sporting a magnificently bejeweled turban (in lieu of a top hat), and a handlebar moustache (not strictly halal)with lascivious grins, first gropes the prone near-nude form of […]

Who Let Them In?

August 30, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Actually, we know who let in more than 1 million last year, and will let in another 250,000 this: A 16-year-old German-Moroccan national accused of stabbing a police officer in the neck in the city of Hanover has been charged with attempted murder and supporting a foreign terrorist organisation. Safia S, […]

This Is How Obama Can Prove We Have Nothing To Fear From Syrian Refugees

August 15, 2016 by


By Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (RET) ~ President Barack Obama continues pressing his agenda to increase Syrian refugee relocation in the U.S. Opponents, fearing lax security screening opens our doors to Islamic extremist and criminal elements, act to delay the effort until a better vetting system can be implemented. Opponents’ concerns are justified. […]

360,000 More Illegal Immigrants Invade Europe In Past Six Months

August 9, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Europe’s migrant crisis is barely reported now, which may make you think it is over. True, arrival numbers are down, but, no, it’s not over: Italy has overtaken Greece to become the country on Europe’s migration frontline, with about 750 people arriving per day, the head of the EU border control […]

Invasion Of Europe Continues: 1000 A Day

June 26, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The invasion that drove Britain from Europe continues: Ship crews have pulled more than 2000 asylum seekers from overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean, Italy’s coastguard says, as people smugglers stepped up operations during two consecutive days of good weather. More than 7100 people have now been plucked from international waters since […]

The Dutch Solution

June 7, 2016 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Here’s the whole story”from the Daily Mail: Is this the answer to the migration crisis – a man-made ISLAND in the Mediterranean? Architects design a city incorporating the best of Europe and Africa which would sit off the coast of Tunisia “Dutch architect designs a man-made island to be built […]