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Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part Three – Coal Fired Power In China

June 5, 2021 by


By Anton Lang ~ I mentioned in the earlier Post how there was not much that I liked about the way China does things. However, it seems that they are doing something correctly when it comes to bringing electrical power to their Country. Now, some people might say that China is very secretive about what […]

Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part Two – Electrical Power Generation In China

May 31, 2021 by


By Anton Lang ~ When it comes to China, there’s not much I agree with, in fact very little I do agree with. However, one thing I do agree with is the way they are going about their electrical power generation policy. This actually is one thing that they are doing right, and as much […]

Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part One – Introduction

May 29, 2021 by


By Anton Lang ~ How often have we heard that coal fired power is going extinct, becoming obsolete, a dying enterprise, a stranded asset? Is that really true? Well, no it isn’t true at all, and it’s more complex than just saying that. We all know now that China, and to a lesser extent, India, […]

Life In Fossil-Fuel-Free Utopia

August 14, 2017 by


Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish, and short By Paul Driessen ~ Al Gore’s new movie, a New York Times article on the final Obama Era “manmade climate disaster” report, and a piece saying wrathful people 12 years from now will hang hundreds of “climate deniers” are a tiny sample of Climate Hysteria and […]

Why Wind Power Is Not Equal To Coal Fired Power

April 1, 2017 by


By Anton Lang ~ How often have you heard that Wind power is intermittent, but has anyone ever explained that to you, or shown just how it actually is intermittent, and what it means. What if you need a dedicated amount of power all the time? Can wind power be relied on to generate that […]

Hazelwood Power Plant Closing 31st March – Currently Delivering More Power Than Every Wind Plant In Australia (With Updates)

March 8, 2017 by


By Anton Lang ~ This Post is about the upcoming closure of the Hazelwood Power Plant. Each day, I will be adding the totals for power delivery from this plant with a comparison to ALL the wind power in Australia, and also the total for Wind Power in Victoria, the same State where the Hazelwood […]