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The Road To Ruin In Riots

January 9, 2021 by


By Tim Graham ~ Critics of liberal media bias are often accused of “whataboutism.” We’re accused of diverting everyone’s attention from some conservative or Republican scandal or offense by changing the subject to the media’s performance. After a pro-Trump crowd breached the Capitol, forcing lawmakers to flee, my friend and former colleague Dan Isett tweeted: […]

A Timeline: Netflix’s ‘Break’ from Michelle Wolf

August 21, 2018 by


By Gabriel Hays | August 20, 2018 5:57 PM EDT Last Friday’s cancellation of Netflix’s new late-night series, The Break with Michelle Wolf, should be a clear indicator that the left’s outrage and anger towards conservatives isn’t doing much for cultural enrichment, much less carving out a compelling comedic platform. After only 10 episodes of her newly-minted shot […]

Why New Mexico Resorted To Suing EPA For Gold King Mine Spill

May 26, 2016 by


By John-Michael Seibler ~ A back-hoe operator accidentally struck an oil pipeline in Alaska in 1994, and 1,000 to 5,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Skagway River. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had his supervisor—who was at-home and off-duty at the time of the accident—criminally prosecuted for negligent discharge under the Clean Water Act. […]

Obama Celebrates Father’s Day with ‘Military Assault Weapon’

June 18, 2013 by


As boys around the country (some as young as five years old) are getting in trouble for playing games such as cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians or for even holding their hand in the shape of a gun, Barack Obama’s Father’s Day picture shows him running around a pool… with a toy gun. […]

Let Them Wear Lanvin Sneakers!

May 2, 2009 by


Donald Douglas. First Lady Michelle Obama volunteered at a D.C. food bank on Wednesday sporting $540 Lanvin sneakers: Red State has the story, “Michelle Antoinette and the Don’t-Go-To-The-Mall Administration:” It goes without saying that a Republican First Lady who showed up at a food bank during a recession wearing $540 sneakers would never hear the […]

Intolerant Progressives Stain Upcoming Election

November 1, 2008 by


INTOLERANT PROGRESSIVES STAIN UPCOMING ELECTION Jason Rantz Election Day is quickly approaching and the United States will likely elect the first African-American man to the most powerful office in the world. His political views aside, this would be a major victory for race relations in this country; it should end the argument that because of […]