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A Bit Late! NY Times Finally Criticizes Portland Riots, After Blaming Trump In 2020

April 29, 2021 by


By Clay Waters ~ New York Times Seattle bureau chief Mike Baker went to Portland, Oregon and committed one of the few and far-between pieces of actual journalism from the long-standing riot area in that city, where left-wing radicals and anarchists have been granted free reign to pillage and vandalize in the name of anti-fascism. […]

Capitol Riot Tactics Strongly Resemble Those Used In 2020 Riots

January 10, 2021 by


By Lora Ries and Steven Bucci ~ Watching rioters breach the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as members of Congress were certifying the presidential election inside was alarming and raised many questions regarding the security of the U.S. Capitol—one of the most important federal buildings in our nation. The U.S. Capitol Police and city officials had […]

Action Civics Is Teaching Our Kids To Protest

November 3, 2020 by


By Katharine Gorka ~ Many young Americans seem to have a growing disdain for our country. According to a Gallup poll, pride in our nation has declined, especially among young adults. Young adults are taking to the streets and not merely protesting but wreaking havoc, rioting and looting, tearing down statues, and shutting down anyone […]

What Kenosha Looks Like After Riots And Looting

October 22, 2020 by


By Virginia Allen ~ In just 48 hours, over 40 businesses in the quiet city of Kenosha, Wisconsin were ravaged by violence, according to the Kenosha Area Business Alliance. Rioters looted and torched shops on the nights of Aug. 23 and 24.  The Daily Signal traveled there to see what it looked like. The city […]

How Radical Historian’s Revisionism And Lies Led To 2020’s Unrest

September 14, 2020 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ The war on history is about overturning America’s constitutional system. So says Mary Grabar, a resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute and author of the book, “Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America.” Zinn was a radical historian whose book, “A People’s History of […]

Trump Pledges Millions To Rebuild Kenosha After Rioting, Arson

September 2, 2020 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Two of Riki Tagliapietra’s downtown businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were vandalized, but the vice president of the Grease & Honey Restaurant Group in Kenosha is helping other business owners rebuild after rioting there. Tagliapietra was part of a roundtable discussion Tuesday in Kenosha that included President Donald Trump and other federal […]

What Will Organized Criminal Violence Bring Next To Our Streets?

August 14, 2020 by


By James Carafano ~ Organized riots. That sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s what we’re seeing in many cities in this season of COVID-19 and protests. I’m not talking about peaceful protests. Many of those have been conducted successfully since the death of George Floyd. Clearly, huge numbers of Americans have felt it important to […]

America Both In Crisis And On Trial

July 27, 2020 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ Were the Founding Fathers heroes or villains? While this dichotomy perhaps oversimplifies our attitude toward the founding generation, one would imagine that most Americans think that their country’s origin is fundamentally good. Few political movements in the history of the United States have truly distanced themselves from the founding. Many have […]

NY Times Goes Hysterical Over Fed Crackdown In Portland: ‘It Feels Like Fascism’

July 20, 2020 by


By Clay Waters ~ Portland, Oregon has endured criminal rioting, vandalism, and assaults in its downtown area for 50 days. Rioters have assaulted police officers with rocks, bottles, fireworks and eye-damaging lasers, and also spray-painted courthouses and other federal buildings — to scant attention from the liberal press. Saturday’s New York Times lead story noted the crisis — but […]

McCarthy Unveils Bill To Protect Statues And Deny Funds To Cities And States That Don’t

July 18, 2020 by


By Rachel del Guidice ~ House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Thursday the introduction of a bill intended to protect statues and monuments from damage and destruction by protesters and vandals. The California Republican’s legislation would withhold some federal funds from state and local governments whose officials fail to act to protect the monuments from […]

The Mob Comes For America

July 4, 2020 by


By Jessica Anderson ~ As Independence Day draws near, the nation is seemingly filled with more anti-American sentiment than celebration, or so the media would have you believe. Crowds of protesters have turned on the very nation that protects their right to assemble, speak, and petition the government. Now, they are even coming for President […]

Leftists Are Using Race To Push An Anti-American Agenda

July 3, 2020 by


By Kay C. James (President of The Heritage Foundation) ~ Our country is under attack from radical leftists. Mobs rampage through our streets, monuments are being destroyed, and the very law and order that ensures our communities’ peace and security is being undermined. In far too many instances, those bent on destruction have hijacked protests, creating violence […]

The Future Of Western Civilization Is Imperiled By Mob Rule. Now Is The Time for Courage and Leadership.

June 27, 2020 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ The war on history has spread across our country and has even spilled over to other parts of the Western world. Now, on a daily basis, we see scenes of lawless mobs attacking and tearing down statues, and defacing monuments of every type—often as authorities stand idly by. But this violence […]

Anarchy In Central Seattle Isn’t A ‘Festive Zone’

June 18, 2020 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ Most revolutions don’t end in liberty; rather, they typically end in bloodshed and merciless tyranny. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, created in Seattle is being billed as a cop-free zone (or something along those lines) and treated by more than a few media organizations as little more than a […]

Seattle Occupiers’ Dangerous And Unconstitutional Demands

June 12, 2020 by


By GianCarlo Canaparo ~ After repeated clashes with, at times, violent protesters, the Seattle Police Department abandoned its East Precinct building in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. On June 8, protesters occupied and barricaded the six blocks surrounding it. They have since named their territory the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The protesters have now published a […]

The True Plight Of Black Americans

June 11, 2020 by


By Walter E. Williams ~ While it might not be popular to say in the wake of the recent social disorder, the true plight of black people has little or nothing to do with the police or what has been called “systemic racism.” Instead, we need to look at the responsibilities of those running our […]

Confronting Police Abuse Requires Shifting Power From Police Unions

June 9, 2020 by


By Rachel Greszler ~ By and large, police officers are heroes who put their lives on the line to protect the communities in which they live and serve. How then should we react to cases of police misconduct and brutality when they come to light? Confronting this requires what Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey referred to […]


June 8, 2020 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ The looting is a disgrace. Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Omission Watch: Mayors Inhibit Religious Services, But Allow Massive Protests

June 7, 2020 by


By Tim Graham ~ James Freeman at The Wall Street Journal takes up a topic the liberal media elites will avoid: State and local officials are discriminating against religious services as they grant wide berths to protests in the streets. He began with a joke headline from the Babylon Bee: “Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising […]

Attorney General Reassures Black Community On Criminal Justice, Vows To Prosecute ‘Extremist Agitators’

June 5, 2020 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Attorney General William Barr said Thursday the Justice Department will work with law enforcement agencies to find ways to restore confidence among African Americans in the criminal justice system. During an online press conference, Barr also said law enforcement should prosecute “extremist agitators” of all ideological stripes. He specifically cited Antifa […]

6 Cities Where Looters Are Ransacking Minority-Owned Businesses

June 3, 2020 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Minority-owned businesses are among the worst-hit targets of looters and rioters who rampaged in Minneapolis and then other cities after a black man died in police custody, according to news reports. “Expressing grievances to our elected officials in the form of protest is a time-honored tradition,” Stacy Washington, co-chairwoman of the […]

Trump: ‘Angry Mob’ Must Not Drown Out ‘Righteous Cries Of Peaceful Protesters’

June 2, 2020 by


By Fred Lucas ~ President Donald Trump announced the deployment of the military to help quell the violent riots in Washington, D.C., and said he would send federal troops to states to restore order if governors didn’t act. “What happened in this city last night was a total disgrace,” Trump announced Monday evening in the […]

Americans Should Not Have To Subsidize Campus Lawlessness

February 3, 2017 by


By Mary Clare Reim ~ In 1964, students at the University of California, Berkeley joined together to fight for their right to free speech. Last night, a group of over 1,500 protestors showed up on that same campus to shut down a speaker with whom they disagreed, and about 150 of them started a riot. […]

‘Dictators’ And Double Standards: NYT Celebrates Protesters’ Refusal To Accept Election Results

November 14, 2016 by


By Clay Waters ~ In Sunday’s edition, New York Times reporters hypocritically hailed anti-Trump demonstrators in “Protesters Take Anti-Trump Message to His Doorstep, and Plan Next Steps.” Thousands of demonstrators filled public squares, parks and streets in the country’s three largest cities on Saturday to protest President-elect Donald J. Trump, part of a wave of […]