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Stimulus Spending Benefits Politicians, Not Taxpayers

October 24, 2020 by


By Star Parker ~ I recall several presidential elections ago, an elementary school teacher wrote a newspaper column about a mock election he held in his class. Two students were nominated by their classmates, and then they campaigned for their votes. Who won the election? One of the students presented an agenda and reasonably argued […]

‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ + More – Daily Digest

August 29, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “A better system of education for the common people might preserve them long from such artificial inequalities as are prejudicial to society, by confounding the natural distinctions of right and wrong, virtue and vice.” –John Adams, letter to Count Sarsfield, 1786 TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy […]

AP’s Coverage Of Congress’s Proposed Food Stamp ‘Cuts’ Has One Telling Revelation, But Avoids Another

August 12, 2013 by


By Tom Blumer ~ One has to sift through the biased blather to get to it, but Mary Clare Jalonick’s August 1 coverage at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, of the House’s plans to rein in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, still popularly called “food stamps,” contains an important admission which most of […]

Stop Playing Games

December 5, 2012 by


The Patriot Post ~ The Foundation “It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” –Thomas Jefferson Editorial Exegesis “Both the White House and House Republicans are pretending that their goal is ‘reducing the deficit,’ which they suggest means making real spending choices. … Since 1974, Capitol Hill’s ‘baseline’ […]

Paul Ryan Strikes Back at ‘Intellectually Lazy’ Paul Krugman

August 11, 2010 by


By Noel Sheppard Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has struck back at Paul Krugman calling the New York Times columnist “intellectually lazy.” As NewsBusters reported Saturday, Krugman wrote an article the previous day castigating Ryan as “The Flimflam Man” calling the Congressman a “charlatan” and a “fraud” while claiming his “Roadmap” to balance the […]

CBO Plays “Let’s Pretend” On Kerry–Lieberman Scoring

July 9, 2010 by


By David Kreutzer, Ph.D. Here’s a principles-of-economics question: Suppose the U.S. gross domestic product (national income) is currently $14 trillion. Then suppose the U.S. raised all tariff, income tax, and sales tax rates to 100 percent. How much money would the government collect? If you realized that nobody would generate taxable income under such a […]

Obamas America Soon to be Like Floundering Greece + More

May 10, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Brief “The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, growth and entailment of a public debt, are indications soliciting the employment of the pruning knife.” –Thomas Jefferson Government “Greece has cultural problems that contribute to its economic implosion. But there are similarities to the U.S. as well — and because […]

When It Comes To Health Care, The Left Doesn’t “Worry About The Constitution”

April 5, 2010 by


By Conn Carroll Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL) voted for Obamacare. When questioned by his constituents to identify what part of the Constitution empowers the federal government to force Americans to buy health insurance, Rep. Hare replies: “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest.” We applaud Rep. Hare for his honesty, but […]

Violating Our Constitution, Shredding Our Rights + More

March 19, 2010 by


The Patriot Post Digest The Foundation “[G]iving [Congress] a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which may be good for the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole [Constitution] to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power […]


December 24, 2009 by


By Nancy Morgan I have been a law-abiding citizen all my life. I’ve always played by the rules. That is about to change. The early morning passage today of the Senate health care bill requires every American to purchase health insurance. I refuse. I will not abide by this bill if it is passed into […]

CBO: Federal Budget Is On Unsustainable Path

July 17, 2009 by


From Congressional Budget Office – Director’s Blog The Long-Term Budget Outlook Today I had the opportunity to testify before the Senate Budget Committee about CBO’s most recent analysis of the long-term budget outlook. Under current law, the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, because federal debt will continue to grow much faster than the economy over […]

Obamacare – The BIG Lie + Stimulus Follies + Braying Jackass Award + more!

June 19, 2009 by


From The Patriot Post Fri Digest – Vol. 09 No. 24 THE FOUNDATION “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy.” –Thomas Jefferson GOVERNMENT & POLITICS Obamacare Takes Center Stage ABC News is lending itself to the Obama […]

CBO Says Recession Will Continue – NewsBusted 2-40

February 23, 2009 by


By NB Staff Topics in today’s show: The Congressional Budget Office says recession will continue through the year, Democrat Diane Feinstein compromises our national security, the US postal service raises its prices, New Jersey becomes the only state without an official song. Starring: Jodi Miller Director: Bruce Roundtower Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield See and Read more Quality Material at NewsBusters Love the show? Then […]

With Stimulus Like This, Who Needs A Recession

February 8, 2009 by


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a study on Wednesday, that estimates the impact of the Trillion Dollar Spending Plan being debated on the floor of the Senate this evening. They said “In the longer run, the legislation would result in a slight decrease in gross domestic product (GDP) compared with CBO’s baseline economic forecast.” […]