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Only in Duryea, Pittston, Pa.

September 12, 2017 by


Only in Duryea, Pa. If you are in a jazzy wheelchair you cannot get into the Duryea borough council meetings because the lift they use for people who cannot use the steps is not even close to CODE or size needed for an electric wheelchair. Only in Duryea do you scan the morning classified to […]

Lacking Common Sense

June 23, 2017 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ The young woman looked nervous as she knocked on the window of my classroom door. “Excuse me, class,” I said as I stepped out to speak. She was a former student and substituting in the next classroom. “A boy is throwing things at other students. He won’t stop, and he refuses […]

Kiss Your Ash Goodbye

September 9, 2010 by


Kiss Your Ash Goodbye – Regulating Coal Combustion Byproducts As Hazardous Is An Unnecessary Job Killer By Ben Lieberman The Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to regulate carbon dioxide as an air pollutant is currently garnering most of the attention from the agency’s critics, but it is far from the only problematic EPA regulation in the […]

Policy Translated: Health Care Reform

August 8, 2009 by


Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Gregory Conko explains the debate over health care.

Murtha: Sorry, I didn’t mean Racist, I meant Redneck…

October 26, 2008 by


Of course, according to my Liberal/DNC decoder ring, “Racist” and “Redneck” mean the same thing. FoxNews – Democratic Rep. John Murtha said Monday some of his constituents in western Pennsylvania are “rednecks” and the entire region just five to 10 years ago was “really redneck.” The comments come one week after he called his own […]

Vote For Barack Or You’re Racist

August 30, 2008 by


Ahh, the sweet smell of identity politics. Vote for the black man or you’re a racist, you sheet wearing, negro lynching, affirmative action hating, black hating, white man. I’d love to vote for a black man, or a black woman, or any kind of person. Hell, I’d vote for someone whose parents were from Mars, […]

Have You Checked Your Tires Lately?

August 4, 2008 by


Do you want LOWER Gas & Food Prices? You can help control that. We can drill Offshore & in the DESOLATE ANWR Coast! Russia & China will soon be drilling off our North West & South East Coasts, tapping into OUR OIL unless we DRILL NOW! As soon as we commit ourselves the Price of oil will DROP!