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So Much For Peak Oil And A “Clean Energy Future” In Australia

January 26, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The announcement that shatters two popular green myths: South Australia is sitting on oil potentially worth more than $20 trillion, independent reports claim – enough to turn Australia into a self-sufficient fuel producer. Brisbane company Linc Energy yesterday released two reports, based on drilling and seismic exploration, estimating the amount of […]

Electrical Power Australia – So Much For That “Clean Energy Future”

July 28, 2012 by


By Andrew Bolt~ Several Leftist stupidities collide to put at risk Victoria’s power supplies. First stupidity is to give in to the religious green paranoia of carbon dioxide. Second is to put something as important as power supplies in the hands of an outfit such as the ideology-ridden Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal: THE commonwealth […]

‘Clean Energy Future’ Australia – Forget That Clean Energy Figure We’re Paying For

June 19, 2012 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ More evidence that the “clean energy future” is a fraud: Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has warned lower demand for electricity will “lock in” high-emissions, coal-fired power generation for longer and that the outlook for coal-fired power stations “looks a lot brighter” than five years ago. Mr Ferguson warned that the role […]

Climate Change Australia – Treasury Exposed: Its “Clean Energy Future” Modelling Is Worthless

June 16, 2012 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ More colossal green waste – and the collapse of a key assumption behind the Gillard Government’s “clean energy future”: In 2009, the then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, pledged to ‘’lead the world’’ in carbon capture and storage technology, which traps carbon dioxide emissions, permanently storing them deep underground. The Rudd and […]

Australia’s Clean Energy Future – Well, No! – Macarthur Wind

October 14, 2011 by


On the same day that the CO2 Tax, sorry, the Carbon Tax, sorry the Price on Carbon, sorry the ETS, sorry, The ‘Clean Energy Future’ Legislation raft of 18 Bills was passed narrowly through the House of Representatives in Australia, their mouthpiece fair and even handed ABC TV network’s Current Affairs program 7.30, ran with […]