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Xi Jinping Amasses Mao-Like Power In China

February 28, 2018 by


By Dean Cheng ~ Chinese governance has often benefited from adopting and sustaining a long-term perspective. That is facilitated by a generally stable leadership system, with changes at the top only happening once a decade or so. Now, Chinese President Xi Jinping appears intent on reducing even further any leadership volatility. On Sunday, China’s official […]

Only Tyrants Can Give A Three And A Half Hour Speech

October 19, 2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ It is a sure sign of a tyrant, showing no concern for his audience and confident that none will dare walk out or tell him to stop: “Xi Jinping  … [tested] his comrades’ eyelids – and their bladders – with a three-and-a-half hour, 65-page sermon in which he outlined his brave […]

Why China Is The Biggest Deterrent To Stopping North Korea’s Nuclear Program

January 9, 2016 by


By Josh Siegel ~ North Korea’s fourth nuclear test may be its most consequential, but the world is limited in how far it can escalate its response. Though the Obama administration disputed North Korea’s assertion that it had tested a hydrogen bomb, which would be the most powerful nuclear weapon the country has ever tested, […]

Humor- Thanks, But No Thanks

September 28, 2015 by


The Patriot Post ~ Papal Blessing The Pope Visits I’m With Stupid Hillary Flip-Flops on Her Keystone Pipeline Legacy Irony Clocks Meme: Obama Seeks Advice EPA Finds Opportunity in Volkswagen Scandal When Times Were Simpler Meme: Human Rights? Read more excellent articles at The Patriot Post Related articles Team Clinton masterfully uses Pontiff as media cover for […]

President Xi Needs an Uncomfortable Visit to U.S. + More – Daily Digest

September 23, 2015 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “[I]f we are to be told by a foreign power … what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little.” —George Washington, 1796 TOP RIGHT HOOKS President Xi Needs an Uncomfortable Visit to U.S. Last year, […]

Thinking About China

May 22, 2015 by


By Alan Caruba ~ Napoleon Bonaparte purportedly said “Let China sleep, for when China wakes, she will shake the world.” As Thomas J. Christensen, the author of his recently published “The China Challenge: Shaping the Choices of a Rising Power”, reminds us, “For millennia China was arguably the greatest civilization on the planet and for […]

China Sets Out To Claim High Seas

April 16, 2015 by


By Dr. Peter Brookes ~ Check this: In a brazen move, the People’s Republic of China is now building “islands” in the South China Sea to bolster its position against several other East Asian countries – and the United States. Yes, I said “building.” China is actually dredging sand and piling it up on existing […]

Worrying About China

December 19, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ If there is one thing various experts and pundits like to do most it is to worry about all manner of speculative threats. I can recall when much of their focus was on the Soviet Union until 1991 when it collapsed along with the decline in the cost of oil. The […]

Mao ‘Little Red Book’ Exhibit Spurs NY Times To Hail China For Better ‘Taste’ Than U.S. In The 1960s

November 16, 2014 by


By Tim Graham ~ The New York Times reported a scandal when a collection of Nazi memorabilia caused a senior Human Rights Watch analyst to be suspended in 2009. But collecting Red China Mao Zedong memorabilia is apparently much more charming. On Friday, Times culture reporter William “Biff” Grimes promoted “Quotations of Chairman Mao: 50th […]

China! China! China!

November 12, 2014 by


By Alan Caruba ~ For two days there was the usual news and analysis about President Obama’s summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. We are going to hear that China will bump the U.S. from first place among the great economies of the world, challenge us in Asia, and will be the next great […]

China’s Christian Conversion

April 21, 2014 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Perhaps the most reassuring news to come out of China in years: The 5,000-capacity Liushi church, which boasts more than twice as many seats as Westminster Abbey and a 206ft crucifix that can be seen for miles around, opened last year with one theologian declaring it a “miracle that such a […]

Trying To “Contain” China Makes No Sense. So What’s The Right Strategy?

December 23, 2013 by


By James Carafano Ph.D.~ In 1962, the Beatles auditioned for Decca Records. Pope John XXIII excommunicated Fidel Castro. And China invaded India. More than 2,000 died in the harsh mountain combat. A self-declared “non-aligned” power, India never expected to be attacked by a Cold War protagonist. Unprepared, New Delhi threw ground troops into the fight, […]

China is NOT the Future

March 22, 2011 by


By Alan Caruba Last year I read a book, “China’s Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society” by John and Doris Naisbitt and was so entranced I completely neglected my normal skepticism and missed all the signals that what I was reading was essentially propaganda. I wonder now how I could have missed this […]

China’s Dead Babies

January 25, 2011 by


By Nancy Morgan America is shocked, shocked! Kermit Gosnell, a 69 year old abortion doctor, was arrested last week, charged with killing seven babies and causing the death of a woman during a botched abortion. An illegal, late-term abortion. Prosecutors are accusing Gosnell of using scissors to snip the spinal cords of 7 babies who […]

An Embarrassment In Shanghai

May 26, 2010 by


By Helle Dale As a world leader, the United States cannot be lackadaisical about the power of symbols and images. Ronald Reagan knew this and as one of his first official acts as president, he turned the lights back on the monuments in Washington, which had literally been darkened by President Carter during the energy […]

Superpower China

March 29, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba As the sun begins to set on an America whose dollar set the standard and whose capacity for manufacturing was unchallenged, a new superpower is emerging and it is China. Many of the economists and China-watchers have been quick to seize on any bad news coming out of the Asian giant, but […]

Toy Story 3: Adventures In Red China

February 7, 2010 by


Satire by  Shawn Goodwin In the past few decades, the United States has enjoyed friendly trade relations with China. These relations have more or less normalized in recent years, and American financial investment in the country is well over $40 billion. In fact, China and Japan account for almost 10 percent of all American trade. […]

Copenhagen: A Matter Of Sovereignty

December 16, 2009 by


By Steven Groves The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site. Climate change negotiations here in Copenhagen have apparently hit a speed bump because the United States and China […]

Copenhagen DOES Throw The Developing World Under The Bus

December 9, 2009 by


Nine weeks ago, in early October I ran a series of three posts speculating on why I thought that the UNFCCC COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen would fail. Those posts are here, and here, and here, with an update here. Two weeks earlier than that, in September, I also posted this post, speculating that […]

30 Million Died, But On The Other Hand…

July 30, 2009 by


By Andrew Bolt TonyfromOz prefaces ….. The ABC mentioned here is Australia’s ABC. It might seem that ‘history’ is being selectively rewritten. Karon Snowdon, reporting for the ABC’s Rear Vision, presents a potted history of China: Influenced by the Soviet model, collectivisation and social reforms followed. While Mao’s Great Leap Forward was meant to catapult […]

The Peaceful Revolution’s First 100 Days

April 30, 2009 by


By Mark Alexander Last fall, Barack Hussein Obama pledged that his administration would carry out a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” Today, as we reflect on the first 100 days of the Obama regime’s occupation of the executive branch, with Party allegiance in the legislative branch, it pains me to report that […]

China, Cap And Trade, And Futility

March 18, 2009 by


Conn Carroll The Washington Post reports today: Li Gao, China’s top climate negotiator, said any fair international agreement to curb the gases blamed for global warming would not require China to reduce emissions caused by goods manufactured to meet demand elsewhere. The idea that China would ever make cuts in carbon emissions a priority has […]

The New Cold War is Hot Again

September 28, 2008 by


While we are all watching Islamic terrorists and state sponsored terrorists attempt to spread their hate in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Britain, the United States of America, North Africa, Canada, and Spain the Russians were using their new found oil wealth to recover their pride and determination to be a world power once again. Almost […]

Hugo And His New Chinese Combat Planes

September 23, 2008 by


As you read the first part of this, plant your tongue firmly into the inside of your cheek. Two days ago amidst all the news of the financial trauma and the political news, a small story came out that will strike fear into the heart of every American. The bold headline said: ‘Venezuela to buy […]