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Only in Duryea, Pittston, Pa.

September 12, 2017 by


Only in Duryea, Pa. If you are in a jazzy wheelchair you cannot get into the Duryea borough council meetings because the lift they use for people who cannot use the steps is not even close to CODE or size needed for an electric wheelchair. Only in Duryea do you scan the morning classified to […]

Dying Europe’s Leaders Have No Children

July 11, 2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ So symbolic of dying Europe. Paul Mirengoff: James McPherson, writing in the Washington Examiner, makes a remarkable observation: the leaders of Europe have no children. France’s Emmanuel Macron has none. Same with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British prime minister Theresa May, Italian prime minister Paolo Gentilon, Holland’s Mark Rutte, Scotland’s Nicola […]

Fathers and Freedom: Irrevocably Linked

June 17, 2015 by


The Fatherless Factor By Mark Alexander ~ “The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families. … In vain are schools, academies, and universities instituted, if loose principles and licentious habits are impressed upon children in their earliest years.” –John Adams (1778) Annually, on the third Sunday in June, millions of Americans of […]

Sarah Palin On Harris-Perry’s ‘Kids Belong To Their Communities’ Comment: ‘Unflipping Believable’

April 8, 2013 by


By Noel Sheppard ~ On Thursday, NewsBusters exposed Melissa Harris-Perry saying in an MSNBC “Lean Forward” ad, “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to their communities.” Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin tweeted her displeasure […]

Finding Balance

April 3, 2013 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ There are ways of knowing beyond the logical and empirical. We can know things in our hearts with certainty. Most of you probably understand this already, but I’m just getting used to it, having overused my brain and underused my heart for most of my sixty-two years. I’m striving for more […]

Does Religion Matter in a Free Republic?

January 28, 2013 by


The Patriot Post ~ The Foundation “[R]eligion and virtue are the only foundations, not of republicanism and of all free government, but of social felicity under all government and in all the combinations of human society.” –John Adams Inspiration “[T]he current and future role of the Bible in U.S. society is an often-debated topic. A […]

10 Most Beautiful Children In The World – Video

December 6, 2011 by


10 most beautiful children in the world; an international classification. By dodo7001 10 Most Beautiful Children In The World