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Carbon Tax Ignorance

January 31, 2019 by


By Craig Rucker ~ There’s a new push on to institute a carbon tax in America. This is folly.  Bi-partisan folly. The carbon tax folks have compiled a large list of economists and past public office-holders in support, with some pretty impressive names on board.    The names include such heavy-hitters as Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen, […]

Carbon Benefits Exceed Costs By Up To 500:1

February 18, 2014 by


EPA “cost of carbon” analyses ignore huge benefits of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide By Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek ~ The Environmental Protection Agency, other government agencies and various scientists contend that fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming and climate change. They use this claim to justify repressive regulations for […]

Australia’s CO2 Tax Architect Garnaut Admits Carbon Trading Prices Too Low To Work

February 4, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Australia’s Labor Government hired Professor Ross Garnaut to help draw up its carbon dioxide trading system. Now even Garnaut admits carbon trading systems overseas – to which the Gillard Government has linked us – have crashed so badly that they are next to useless: We should acknowledge that trade in emissions […]

Europe’s Carbon Price Crashes To $4.45. Australia’s Gillard Government’s Still $23

February 1, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The Gillard Government’s carbon trading plans are in tatters after two developments in Europe overnight, leaving it staring at billions of dollars in Budget deficits. First, the EU carbon trading scheme to which the Government linked Australia from 2015 has been rocked with fresh evidence of fraud: Two board members at […]

Europe’s Carbon Prices Fall – And Australia’s Deficit Will Rise

January 24, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Remember the assurances of the mendacious Climate Change Minister Greg Combet last August, when he linked Australia’s carbon price – now at $23 a tonne – to that of Europe from 2015? Mr Combet repeated he was confident of the Treasury modelling, which predicts a $29 a tonne carbon price in […]

Green Spin Costs Mining Giant Rio Tinto First, Us Next

January 23, 2013 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Terry McCrann says Rio Tinto lost billions by believing the global warming bull of politicians – especially Chinese ones: After it finalises its accounts for the 2012 year, Rio will have written off an astonishing $US30 billion … of the $US42 billion it paid to buy aluminium group Alcan in those […]

CO2 Tax Australia – Linking Europe’s Carbon Anchor To Our Ankle

August 30, 2012 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ An insane policy is still insane even when you change an insane detail: The Australian government’s plans to link Australia’s emissions trading scheme to Europe have been attacked by the chairmen of two of Australia’s biggest carbon polluters. John Hannagan, chairman of the Australian arm of the world’s largest aluminium producer, […]