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Virginia Goes Don Quixote

November 20, 2017 by


State will defy Trump, double down on renewables and CO2 reductions – and hurt poor families By Paul Driessen ~ Democrat Ralph Northam had barely won the Virginia governor’s race when his party announced it would impose a price on greenhouse gases emissions, require a 3% per year reduction in GHG emissions, and develop a cap-and-trade scheme […]

Obama Is Planning To Circumvent Congress Yet Again On Climate Regulations

October 15, 2015 by


By Nicolas Loris ~ President Obama is determined to make a legacy for himself—so much so that he’s willing to go around America’s elected officials on climate change. Not once, but twice. First, Obama bypassed Congress with unelected bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency to put domestic carbon dioxide cuts in place that will drive […]

Climate Change Australia – China Pretends It Will Cut Emissions, While Making Sure We Cut Our Throats

September 26, 2015 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Bottom line: China’s emissions will keep growing. Feeding the global warming scare means encouraging its Western rivals to cut their own growth, giving China a strategic long-term advantage: Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt has cast doubt on China’s willingness to impose an effective price on greenhouse gas emissions, noting its regional […]

The Second Coming of Cap and Trade?

September 8, 2012 by


By Diane Katz ~ The Obama Administration, at this sensitive time, is playing down its expansive regulatory agenda, but some insiders are predicting a new onslaught of costly rules—including the imposition of cap-and-trade schemes on industry. Although Congress rejected cap-and-trade legislation in 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) remains intent on effectively rationing the use […]

Skinning the Cap-and-Trade Cat with Clean Energy Standards

January 29, 2011 by


By Nicolas Loris Speaking before a new Congress in his State of the Union address, President Obama gave an alternative suggestion for Congress now that cap and trade is out of the picture. He pitched an aggressive clean energy standard, saying he wants 80 percent of our electricity to come from carbon-free sources of energy […]

Germany’s Renewable Energy ‘Madness’ and its Lessons for America

January 22, 2011 by


By Alex Alexiev In his radio address on October 2, 2010, President Obama vigorously promoted his renewable energy program and yet again pointed to Germany as a worthy example to follow. Just a few days later, the leading German daily, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in an editorial comment on green energy, called for “putting an end […]

Environmentalists New Plan Same as Old Plan: Higher Energy Costs, Fewer Jobs

December 23, 2010 by


By Conn Carroll The Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin reported yesterday that “U.S. environmentalists are engaged in their most profound bout of soul-searching in more than a decade” and are planning to “redirect strategies” in the coming year. Faced with the failure of cap and trade and the defeat of “many of their political allies on […]

No Link Between Global Warming And Civil Wars

September 9, 2010 by


By Nicolas Loris Proponents of domestic and international global warming regulations like to argue that human-induced climate change could affect the safety of not only the U.S. but other countries as well. They suggest that global warming will lead to more natural disasters, which will in turn lead to increased global conflict. Even the Department […]

Prepare For The Next Bubble…For A Made Up Commodity

February 23, 2010 by


By Nick Loris At least when there was a housing bubble, there were actual houses involved. The next bubble could ostensibly be a carbon dioxide bubble; the newly-created, artificial market for a clear, odorless gas is growing at rapid rates. According to a new article from Mark Shapiro in Harper’s: Carbon trading is now the […]

CO2’s Political Fingerprint

October 31, 2009 by


By Robert Gordon. Unless they had explicitly named them, the Senate’s Kerry-Boxer and the House’s Waxman-Markey global warming bills could not have been better designed to inflict more pain on the states that swung red in the last election than on those that went blue. The American Clean Energy and Security Act in the Senate […]

Using “Global Warming” To Steal Your Rights

October 23, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba By now, anyone paying any attention whatever to the weather has begun to notice that it is getting colder earlier in the U.S. and that this is occurring around the world. On, Robert W. Felix, the author of “Not by Fire, but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”, reports […]

The “Rent Seekers” – Green Corporations

October 21, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba In economics, “rent seeking” is a term that describes the process by which corporations, unions, trade groups, and individuals try to gain unfair advantages through politics and lobbying rather than via competitive trade in the free marketplace. Going “Green” has proven to be one of the favorite ways by which corporations position […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Another Update

October 20, 2009 by


Two weeks ago, I posted a three part series on why these talks will essentially fail, no matter what spin comes from the washup of  this meeting in Copenhagen, a meeting we are told in frightening terms that a positive result is essential if we are to save the Planet we live upon. Watch this […]

The Seduction Of Lindsey Graham

October 18, 2009 by


By Nancy Morgan at Right Bias According to most conservatives in South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has officially gone over to the dark side. Under the guise of ‘bipartisanship,’ Graham has signed on to one of the left’s most ambitious plans to impose a socialist agenda in America – government control of the formerly […]

None Dare Call It Fraud

October 17, 2009 by


By Paul Driessen at Family Security Matters Imagine the reaction if investment companies provided only rosy stock and economic data to prospective investors; manufacturers withheld chemical spill statistics from government regulators; or medical device and pharmaceutical companies doctored data on patients injured by their products. Media frenzies, congressional hearings, regulatory investigations, fines and jail sentences […]

If Even Rudd Can’t Do As He Preaches…

October 16, 2009 by


By Andrew Bolt TonyfromOz prefaces ….. This highlights the hypocrisy of this whole supposedly environmental debate. It is now being used for solely political purposes. The same will apply at Copenhagen. 192 Countries, each with large delegations and hangers on will fly in (and out) spending 11 days in conference and a couple of days […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – Update

October 15, 2009 by


Last week I posted a short series of three posts on why these Climate Change talks will fail. In part three, I painted a scenario of what the situation might look like if China, and by extrapolation, India and the rest of the Developing World actually had some parity with those of us already in […]

Global Warming? The “Deniers” Are My Heroes

October 15, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba at Warning Signs It has been nearly three decades since I first wrote that “global warming” was a hoax and I have had to repeat myself countless times since then. Along the way I met many of the so-called “deniers” and dissenters. I had correspondence with others. We all knew that Al […]

Gail Collins Blames Bush For Not Using 9/11 To Pass Big Government Energy Program

October 12, 2009 by


By P.J. Gladnick at NewsBusters Bush’s fault! Liberals love to blame former president George W. Bush for such a wide variety of perceived woes that it has often turned into a joke.  Don’t like the current deficit? Bush’s fault! Polar ice cap might melt in a century? Bush’s fault! A baseball playoff game is called […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – The New China Syndrome (Part 2)

October 6, 2009 by


PART TWO OF THREE PARTS In the previous post, I mentioned that there was something that the UN was not telling us in this Climate Change/Global Warming debate, something that might actually prove inconvenient if it was to become public knowledge. What they are telling us, and concentrating heavily upon is the need to reduce […]

John Kerry: If You Enjoyed This Year’s Recession, Just Wait For Cap and Trade

October 6, 2009 by


By Nick Loris at The Foundry Senators Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) introduced draft legislation of a cap and trade bill with slightly more stringent near-term carbon reduction targets and Kerry’s message was simple: The recession worked so well to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, let’s keep it going. Senators from both sides of […]

Why Copenhagen Climate Talks Will Fail – The New China Syndrome (Part 1)

October 5, 2009 by


PART ONE OF THREE PARTS It’s a pretty bold thing to say that these talks will fail, and don’t get me wrong, because as much as anybody I would like them to actually accomplish something, but no matter what the spin is that will come from this conference about it achieving something, the actuality is […]

UN Leader Calls For U.S. To Hurry Climate Change Legislation

October 4, 2009 by


I am currently in the process of constructing a short series on this upcoming Climate Change Conference to be held later this year in Copenhagen. That series will start tomorrow, and I have already constructed that first post, and the second post in the series. However, this article appeared today in most of the media […]

Cap-And-Switch: Hello Sucker!

October 3, 2009 by


By Alan Caruba at Family Security Matters Here’s a look at the introduction of a draft bill co-sponsored by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), co-sponsored by John Kerry (D-MA). It is the Senate alternative to the horrid “Cap-and-Trade” bill authored by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA). Call it “Cap-and-Switch.” IN THE SENATE […]