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Dogs Instead of Children

July 14, 2012 by


By Tom McLaughlin ~ As a kid, I remember driving to the beach on hot summer nights in July and August after my father came home from work. There wasn’t a lot of time before the sun went down and mosquitoes came out, but neighborhood kids would pile out of the family car (most had […]

School Daze, Plugged In And Zoned Out

August 26, 2010 by


By Alan Caruba The older you get the faster time seems to speed by. One minute you’re talking about the Baby Boom generation, 1946 to 1964, and the next it’s Generation X, 1965-1983. If the Boomers thought the world owed them a living, the Gen X’rs were all about “relationships” and the “environment.” Before you […]

My Destructive Generation

March 29, 2010 by


By Nancy Morgan My generation could well be the first generation in American history to leave our country worse off than we found it. I am a member of the baby boomer generation. The generation that came of age in the late sixties during the turbulent times of Woodstock, Watergate and Vietnam. The generation that […]

We’re The Best

February 12, 2010 by


By Tom McLaughlin A few months ago, the Language Arts teacher in the next classroom asked the following question for a writing assignment: “Is the United States the best country in the world?” Only about 25 percent of our students thought so. We used to teach that to schoolchildren, but now they grow up hearing […]