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‘Would You Mind Defining Woke?’

March 19, 2023 by


By Douglas Andrews ~ If you’re a conservative who uses the word “woke,” make sure you can explain what it means. As the event unfolded, we wanted to reach through our monitor, grab her by the shoulders, and shake her out of that cringeworthy stupor. If only. Instead, Bethany Mandel, a young mom and a […]

Beware The Advocates Of ‘Building An Antiracist Newsroom’

March 16, 2023 by


By Tim Graham ~ No one today who is a consumer of journalism can claim our national media are strictly, soullessly objective and nonpartisan. But the Left is still on a long march through the media, insisting that any shred of adherence to a notion of objectivity is an embrace of white supremacy. Take a […]

‘Goosebumps’ Books Changed 100X For Kids ‘Mental Health,’ Author Unaware

March 10, 2023 by


By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg ~ Woke censorship just reached a new low. The publisher of Roald Dahl’s classics may have backed down some, but the author R.L. Stine reports that his Goosebumps has been on the culture chopping block — nobody consulted him about it. ​​​​​​​ As reported by Daily Mail, Stine’s Goosebumps books have received over 100 edits. Initially The Times reported […]

Titles Like ‘Snow White’ And ‘Cinderella’ CANCELED By ‘Sensitivity Readers’

March 8, 2023 by


By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg ~ Well, there goes your childhood. As part of its content reevaluation, Publisher Ladybird Books has deemed titles like “Snow White” and “Cinderella” as problematic, citing them as “ageist,” lacking diversity, and putting too much emphasis on beauty. In a report by The Blaze, the publisher, a subsidiary of Penguin, is taking an active […]

What Is Woke?

March 5, 2023 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Woke is the New Fascism. Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Fact Checkers POUNCE: ‘The US Still Exists,’ Biden Didn’t End Us As A Nation!

February 6, 2023 by


By Tim Graham ~ The “independent fact-checkers” who rush to defend President Biden want everyone to know “The US still exists.” PolitiFact, Lead Stories, Associated Press, and USA Today all pounced on a TikTok video claiming Biden signed away American sovereignty recently during his visit to Mexico at a summit with the leaders of Mexico and […]

NY Times Smears Scientist On Front Page For Daring To Defend Gas Stoves

February 4, 2023 by


By Clay Waters ~ The New York Times was going all-out with its gas-stove “eliminationist rhetoric,” (to coin a phrase) putting this snotty headline over a front-page story Monday: “Gas Stoves Are Just Fine, Claims the Scientist Paid to Say So.” The story was written by investigative climate desk reporter Hiroko Tabuchi, who has shown herself […]

‘It’s A Fairness Issue’: McCarthy Promises To Protect Women’s Sports From Transgender Threat

February 3, 2023 by


By Elizabeth Troutman ~ WASHINGTON, D.C. – Protecting female sports from biological male athletes is a Republican priority in the 2023 legislative session, Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., said at an event celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day on Wednesday. “It’s not a partisan issue,” said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who moderated a panel of […]

NHL Hockey Commentators Get Out Brass Knuckles On Gay ‘Pride’

January 22, 2023 by


By Tim Graham ~ The “progressives” really cannot tolerate dissent, and especially when it comes to their LGBTQ ideology. Expressing solidarity with “Gay Pride” is not optional. Athletes who refuse to share in the solidarity should be punished, and teams that won’t punish them should be fined. On January 17, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov […]

Why Only 16% Of Gen Z Are Proud To Be An American, And What We Should Do About It

January 14, 2023 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States. That finding comes from a recent Morning Consult poll, which assessed generational attitudes about the United States. The poll shows that there has been roughly a 20-percentage-point drop of pride in country every generation since the Baby Boomers, […]

Will Media Follow New CDC Language Guidelines?

January 9, 2023 by


By P.J. Gladnick ~ CDC stands for “Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.” And one of the diseases that CDC now seems want to prevent is the disease of being unwoke which is why it recently issued a detailed guideline titled “Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities.” The new woke terms they have […]

‘Life Turns Lonelier’ – New York Times Sends Page-One Sympathy Card To Mask ‘Holdouts’

December 30, 2022 by


By Clay Waters ~ The front page of Tuesday’s New York Times tried to stir sympathy for the mask-forever obsessives among the paper’s fans: “For Holdouts In Masks, Life Turns Lonelier.” It’s pretty gutsy for the mask-obsessed Times to suggest the mask-forever bunch are feeling isolated, given the Times strongly supported lockdown measures that kept old, […]

“Harmful” Americans “Stuck On Stupid”

December 30, 2022 by


By Duggan Flanakin ~ America, the long-popular term for the United States, can be spoken no longer. “America” therefore is – at least on campus – dead. Good riddance to that racist moniker! We learn this from our friends at the Leland Stanford Junior University, named in honor of the son and namesake of 19th Century […]

Woke Athlete Released By Russia; Former Marine Whelan Left Behind

December 9, 2022 by


By Jay Maxson ~ The Biden Administration today got taken to the cleaners in the prisoner swap of Viktor Bout – the world’s most notorious arms dealer in the world — for American basketball player Brittney Griner while a real hero rots in a foreign prison. This morning, Joe Biden said of Griner, “She’s safe. […]

CNN Reporter Finds Daylight Savings Time ‘Sheds Light’ On America’s Structural Racism

November 30, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ From the Everything Is Racist department, Paul Sacca at The Blaze pointed out that health reporter Jacqueline Howard ginned up a article titled: “Daylight Saving Time sheds light on lack of sleep’s disproportionate impact in communities of color.” Surprise, surprise — Howard used to be a writer for The Huffington Post. It’s […]

Traumatic Executions Versus Therapeutic Abortions

November 26, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ When National Public Radio appeals for donations, it explains its mission is “to create a more informed public — one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.” That’s fancy talk for one-sided propaganda. NPR listeners aren’t “challenged and invigorated” by two sides of a […]

SHOCKER: Miss United States Of America Pageants Bars Transgender Female Competitors

November 7, 2022 by


By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg ~ A Federal Court has confirmed that The Miss United States of America pageant has the right to allow only “natural-born” females to take part in it’s beauty pageant, NPR reported. This should never have been subject of debate. The decision indicated that if the Miss US America operator was forced to allow fake […]

Gay AP Scribe Rants Right-Wing ‘False Claims’ Are Tainting Drag Queens

November 2, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ You know the media outlet is liberal when they go rushing to the defense of the “rich history” of drag queens. This Associated Press story was supportively tweeted out by the PBS NewsHour (and ran on its website): The headline on PBS is “Analysis: Political rhetoric, false claims obscure the history […]

Why NPR Can’t Lecture Anyone About Refusing To Condemn Rioting

October 19, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ We know National Public Radio has promoted a book called In Defense of Looting and championed an author who wants riots to be described as “rebellions,” as an admirable political tactic. On Monday’s Morning Edition, NPR anchor Steve Inskeep welcomed a radical leftist author who thinks President Biden shouldn’t have spoken […]

The WashPost Way: ‘Badass’ Journalists ‘Afflicting The Comfortable’ For ‘Radical Change’

October 16, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ Margaret Sullivan recently stepped away from her soapbox as a media columnist for The Washington Post, but she has a new book out titled Newsroom Confidential: Lessons (and Worries) from an Ink-Stained Life. Mark Judge at the Washington Examiner provocatively asserted journalism is a like a drug, and they became addicted to […]

Parents May Face Felony ‘Child Abuse’ Charges For Disagreeing With Kids’ Gender Identity; AG Vows To Fight Back

October 15, 2022 by


By Tyler O’Neil ~ Virginia’s Republican attorney general, Jason Miyares, is vowing to protect parental rights after a Democrat in the state House of Delegates voiced support for a bill to criminalize a parent’s disagreement with his or her child’s stated gender identity. Virginia’s Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, announced a new policy last month, putting […]

Tulsi Gabbard Didn’t Leave Democratic Party. The Party Left Her.

October 12, 2022 by


By Jarrett Stepman ~ “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party.” That was the message former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a now-former Hawaii Democrat, delivered Tuesday. Her message was clear: The Democratic Party has gone off the deep end of left-wing extremism. In a 30-minute video announcing the launch of her podcast and an […]

Cranky Mamacita! Liberal Triggered By ‘Mexican Week’ On ‘Great British Baking Show’

October 10, 2022 by


By Tim Graham ~ I have a confession: I’m one of many Americans who love watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. The episode that dropped on Friday tried to go from cookies (“biscuits”) and bread to “Mexican Week,” and you might guess this would be triggering for liberal Americans who think they are the […]