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To Teddy or Not To Teddy

October 10, 2010 by


Have you ever been plodding along doing a task and found yourself day dreaming? I often do this to pass the time on long flights or drives through the desert or when my daughters talk about the Jonas Brothers. The other day a friend dropped me a note about the pending decertification of private security […]

Hi! My Name’s Hillary

February 16, 2009 by


AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE Satire by Shawn Goodwin My fellow Americans, it is with great pleasure that I am able to speak with you today. I am truly honored to be serving as your Pres.. – darn it, your Secretary of State. Please excuse me for one moment. Bill? Bill? Is […]

A Cordial Invitation

January 11, 2009 by


HAVE YOU BEEN INVITED TO THE WEDDING Gabriel Garnica Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Liberal Establishment Formally Request the Honor of Your Presence at The Wedding of Their Daughter, The Mainstream Media, to the Newly Elected President of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, Ceremony to be Held at The West Front of The Capitol, Washington, […]

Culture Watch, Vol. 47

December 30, 2008 by


Santa and his helpers stand under palm trees at Baghdad’s first public Christmas festiv By Nancy Morgan As we come to the end of a turbulent year, a new poll pretty much sums up the state of our country: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are now the most admired man and woman in America, according […]

Shut Up And Sit Down

December 14, 2008 by


WHAT IF BLAGO BLABS Joan Swirsky Beside figuring out how he’ll weasel out of his recent arrest – and probable conviction – for trying to sell President-elect Barack Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder, I wonder if the disgraced governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, is contemplating the fates of Lee Harvey Oswald, Alexander Litvinenko, […]

Dezinformatsia and The Demo-Gogues

December 4, 2008 by


DEZINFORMATSIA Gushing: “[T]hey’re very — I don’t know how to put it. I don’t want to gush. They’re very cute, and very — and very funny in this interview together.” –ABC’s Barbara Walters previewing her “Good Morning America” interview with Barack and Michelle Obama Checking the cabinet: “Two initially surprising centrist choices for [Barack Obama’s] […]

Hillary To Become Secretary Of State, Bill To Be Restricted

November 23, 2008 by


NEW YORK (SR) – A close associate has confirmed Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat to accept the position of Secretary of State in the Obama administration. The decision followed days of intense vetting and negotiations intended to clear any potential obstacles to her taking the job due to her husband’s insatiable horniness […]

What Obama Means by “Bipartisanship”

September 21, 2008 by


More about the Weenies (Schmucks) that organized the Anti-Iran Rally What Obama means by “bipartisanship”  By Dennis Hale Clue: It’s singular, not plural The rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN next week will apparently not include any American politicians. This is a great pity — and a great opportunity lost — because […]


September 19, 2008 by


McCain Camp Responds to Palin “Un-invite” The word is that the organizers of the Rally faced some pretty hard pressure from the Obama Camp. The DNC made some crystal clear phone calls to the event organizers saying that they are taking names and will kick ass on this one. If Obama wins, there will be […]

Gov. Sarah Palin and the Left’s Religious Bias

September 17, 2008 by


Gov. Sarah Palin and the Left’s Religious Bias Newt Gingrich Editor’s note: This is a transcript from a speech given by Speaker Newt Gingrich at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters summit. SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: Gosh, thank you all very much for being here. I am delighted and I am honored to be back with […]

Biden Out As Vice President?

September 12, 2008 by


September 11, 2008 Biden Out As Vice President? Nashua, N.H. – Vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden told a campaign stop crowd that Hillary Clinton is “easily qualified to be vice president of the United States of America, and quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.” A McCain staffer was quick to point […]

Obama’s Token Palin

September 7, 2008 by


OBAMA’S TOKEN PALIN. Andrew Bolt The Left blasted John McCain for his ”cynicism” in picking running mate Governor Sarah Palin as his token woman. But speaking of the cyncial use of a token woman you’d never actually pick on her merit: In a strange twist of logic, the Obama campaign is touting the woman they […]

“Change” The Channel

August 30, 2008 by


I am sure it comes as no surprise to genuine American Patriots, those who recognize a kindred spirit in the Patriot character of presidential candidate John McCain, that at the conclusion of Obama's coronation in Denver, thousands of those little flags ended up in trash bags with other delegate refuse.

Praise Allah! – Jihadist Terrorist Protected By USA Imperial Court & More

June 19, 2008 by


All hail the IMPERIAL COURT! It ruled Thursday that alien enemy prisoners, waging a jihad against the American people and captured by our military in a war authorized by Congress, have a right-under our Constitution-to petition our courts for their release. The Court invalidated laws it had only recently implored Congress to enact.

What If …? Obama’s First 100 Days

June 12, 2008 by


Obama’s First 100 Days By Nancy Morgan Obamamania is sweeping the world as media types, aging hippies and socialists around the world quiver with delight over their new messiah. Barack Obama finally prevailed over the energizer bunny (Hillary), to win the Democrat nomination for president and a new world is coming. The Utopians now have […]

Hillary in 2012

June 11, 2008 by


Hillary in 2012 McCain has said that if he wins he’ll be a one-term President …in which case Hillary is back as a contender in only 4 years. If Obama wins then in 2012 he’ll be the incumbent President and the Democrat candidate. But if Obama loses, and Hillary does not appear to have sabotaged […]

Martin Luther King Was A Republican!

June 6, 2008 by


We must act today to keep the White House in the hands of Republicans! To win the 2008 election, Republicans must accomplish this one very important goal – win just 25% of the black vote. But how do we win 25% of the black vote? Most black voters favor conservative policies – not liberal ones. […]

Hillary 1998 – Lest We Forget

June 2, 2008 by


Hillary (1998)  – Lest We Forget It was ten years ago this month [back in May of 1998] that Hillary caused a furor by being the first “administration figure” to call for a Palestinian State. Judge Judy was, at the time, just a “TV Judge”. Hillary Rodham Clinton was, back then, just “the wife” of […]

Obama’s Fatal Weakness…

May 25, 2008 by


Do Not Miss A Single Issue. Add To Your Buddy List, Contacts List, Safe Senders List or People I Know List Now! Obama’s Fatal Weakness With Whites By Michael Gaynor The Conservative Voice Rookie United States Senators and current Democrat frontrunner Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. rightly took a big hit with white voters after […]

PA Election Reflection

April 23, 2008 by


By Tim Potts Election Reflection Turnout Democratic voters set a record by a huge margin yesterday. Capitolwire’s Pete DeCoursey reports that yesterday’s Democratic vote total of nearly 2.3 million voters shattered the old record of 1.53 million in 1980. Only 710,000 Republicans voted but produced an interesting result (below). President It’s widely, and wrongly, reported […]

Stand By PA the Blitz is coming

March 5, 2008 by


Stand by PA here comes the Hilly-Billy show (if the Bill muzzle stays in place much longer I’m going to have to find a new handle for this gong show). In the coming weeks before the April 22 primary Pennsylvania is about to experience something it hasn’t seen in over two decades a primary vote […]

Only in Hill-Billy Land

March 2, 2008 by


When I woke up on Friday morning (about 11 PM EST time Thursday as I’m in Africa) I got to thinking about an article that I was reading the night before that was rehashing the various statements made by the Clinton campaign about the necessity to win in both Ohio and Texas in order to […]

What Good Democrats Believe

February 24, 2008 by


By Marlin6 These are things you have to believe be a good Democrat. It’s not hard, even a cave man can do it. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand. Businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. Guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than […]

Hillary Or Obama – Which Is Worse For America?

February 18, 2008 by


By Mark Alexander THE FOUNDATION: TYRANNY “I had always hoped that the younger generation receiving their early impressions after the flame of liberty had been kindled in every breast… would have sympathized with oppression wherever found, and proved their love of liberty beyond their own share of it.” –Thomas Jefferson RE: THE LEFT “In 1963, […]