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Nurses Union That Backs ‘Medicare For All’ Prevails At This Hospital

August 28, 2019 by


By Kevin Mooney ~ MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania—Not every nurse at St. Mary Medical Center supports “Medicare for All” or the political goals of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. But every nurse at that Bucks County hospital soon will pay dues to a labor union that has backed Sanders and government-run health care, now that a majority of […]

Give Thanks That We No Longer Live On The Precipice

November 27, 2018 by


By Paul Driessen ~ Thanksgiving is a good time to express our sincere gratitude that we no longer “enjoy” the “simpler life of yesteryear.” As my grandmother said, “The only good thing about the good old days is that they’re gone.” For countless millennia, mankind lived on a precipice, in hunter-gatherer, subsistence farmer and primitive […]

New Trump Administration Move Deals Significant Blow To Planned Parenthood

May 19, 2018 by


By Monica Burke ~ The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to soon file a proposal that would update regulations of the Title X Family Planning grant program—and likely deny Planned Parenthood millions of taxpayer dollars. The proposal would require Title X grant recipients to maintain a strict physical and financial separation between […]

Drugging Children Stops Them Showing The Pain Of Divorce

May 14, 2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The children wouldn’t even “need” these drugs if divorce and being born into a single-parent home wasn’t so stressful: TROUBLED children are being doped up to keep them calm in class, psychiatrists have warned. A new study says boys and teens from unemployed single-parent families are more likely to be given […]

Trump Pushes Death Penalty For Drug Dealers And Cut In Prescription Costs

March 20, 2018 by


By Fred Lucas ~ When campaigning in 2016, President Donald Trump often noted how America was trailing other countries, and vowed to reverse that. On Monday, the president highlighted two specific issues: criminal punishment for drug dealers and the price of prescription medicines. “This scourge of drug addiction in America will stop. It will stop. […]

How The Trump Administration Is Taking Serious Action To Protect Life, Conscience

January 27, 2018 by


By Melanie Israel ~ The Department of Health and Human Services made news last week when its Office for Civil Rights announced the creation of a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division dedicated to protecting our first freedom. The very next day, the department unveiled a proposed regulation to robustly enforce federal conscience statutes, and […]

6 Actions States, Federal Government Could Take On Obamacare, Health Care In 2018

January 13, 2018 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Many states are eager to reverse the damage from Obamacare in 2018, but in some cases, they will need help from Congress, leading health care experts say. “A lot of states would like to act in 2018, but there is a lot of uncertainty while they are waiting on Congress and […]